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September 13, 2010

Tashard Choice takes blame for fumble but doesn't regret trying to make a play


Runnig back Tashard Choice was one of the few offensive players who came in the lockerroom Monday to answer questions about the Cowboys devastating loss to the Redskins.


Choice had a  fumble right before the half that was one of two critical plays that turned the game. But instead of ducking the media, Choice answered questions and took the blame for his fumble that led to a Redskins touchdown.


Here is Choice is own words:


(how you feeling)

A little mixed emotions. I’m upset…My mistake.  Most of the time, I’m a man, I make mistakes, I blame myself for it. You got to come back. I have to make sure I bounce back from it, so it’s cool.


(was it your mistake)

Yeah, regardless of anything, man, I have always been taught to hold onto the ball. I don’t fumble. It’s something I don’t do. I didn’t do it in college and I hadn’t done it into the pros until yesterday. That’s something I am going to hold against myself. I have to make sure I regroup and come back from it.


(learn anything from that in terms of fighting for extra yards with time running out)

It’s more…we was…our mentality right there was to go and try to score. I could have laid down, I could have gone out of bounds, but that ain’t me. That’s just not my style. That’s not the type of player I am. I try to make something happen. And I shouldn’t have. I have got to be smarter. But anytime I have to make sure I secure the ball. That’s just my bad.


(how smart was it to think you could go 60-something yards on that particular play)

It’s tough, man, it’s tough. But that’s just what we called, it’s what we wanted to do. It’s a situation where Romo had to scramble and he gave it to me to make a play. Man, that’s what it’s always been like. I always have a chance to have an opportunity to make (something happen). He looks for me. They depend on me. My teammates had my back the whole time and told me to pick myself up. My coaches, then they gave it to me a lot in the second half. That just shows you how they felt about me. It gave me confidence, man. We had a chance to win it, man. We didn’t come out with a ‘W,’ but we are going to be all right.


(What were you thinking at halftime)

The coaches talked to me. The players talked to me. And everybody told me, ‘It’s not your fault. And don’t blame yourself.’ They had to have my best effort in the second half to win the game. I knew that. So my teammates, they had my back, and I give my hats off to them. I really need it. I don’t like to make mistakes. It ain’t me. I don’t like to be the first one to be known to make mistakes during the football game. I want to be a player who is known for producing….we all hate it (losing).


(would you go down now in a similar situation)

I would hold the ball with two hands. Instead of trying to make a play, I just wanted to run them over. I didn’t care. But I didn’t want to put the ball on the ground, that’s No. 1. When I got the ball, and I got two or three people there and I do try to make it, I have to hold the ball.


(were the coaches accountable too, saying they shouldn’t have put you in that position)

No, they were just, ‘Pick yourself up. It’s OK. It ain’t nothin’. You always make plays. Don’t worry about it. All my teammates told me that, so I knew I was good.


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Choice may be the only guy with cajones on this team.

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