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September 13, 2010

Tony says

A few thoughts from Tony Romo after the Cowboys' 13-7 loss to Washington Sunday night.

-- On the game:

"We made far too many mistakes and we couldn't overcome them."

-- On scoring one touchdown:

"I thought we moved the ball better tonight than we did in the preseason. In a tough environment against a tough defense it's going to be a lower scoring game. But obviously we have to put more on the board than that."

-- On mistakes:

"It's easy now to just say 'it's this' but there is going to be different things, I'm sure, when we look at it. But some of the reasons people make mistakes is because someone else did something really good and because someone else is a really good player. It's hard to deal with something like that. When you look back, I think this game is definitely a game that we had an opportunity to win."

-- On Dez Bryant:

"They showed us some looks that we had never seen before and I'm sure that was the plan. We adjusted well after awhile, but we still have to be cleaner with everything. I thought for his first game in this environment he did a really nice job."

-- On Miles Austin:

"Miles is a great player. We have some really good players on this football team. I can't say enough, he works hard. They sent more corner blitzes on the two-minute drill so that's something we have to be aware of and be ready for. This will be a great learning tool for us."

-- Jan Hubbard


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Jason Garrett should have taken a head coaching job when he could have. With as much talent as he has to work with he is incompetent.

Jason Garrett is totally incompetent. Why does he insist on those useless passes out into the flat at the line of scrimmage? Why does Garrett not like to consistently run the football? And why does Garrett not employ a more vertical aggressive attacking agme?

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