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September 23, 2010

Ware wants more sacks

It took DeMarcus Ware five games before he got his first sack last season. The Cowboys All-Pro linebacker didn’t wait as long this season, sacking Donovan McNabb in the season opener.


But after two games, Ware has only one sack.


“Number-wise, it’s not up to par how it should be,” Ware said. “You look at pressure-wise, I’m getting there. I’m getting pressure on the guy. Those things I have to be aware of, getting more sacks in the game, getting more pressure in the game, but also making those big plays, because we haven’t been having them in the recent weeks.”


The Cowboys have only two sacks this season. Anthony Spencer took down Bears quarterback Jay Cutler once last week for the team’s other sack. Dallas does have 10 quarterback pressures, including six by Ware.


"I think the main thing is to get the quarterback and create some type of pressure back there," Ware said. "I think I did that effectively but still you have to get the guy down."


Ware had a league-leading 20 sacks in 2008 and 11 last season. He has 65.5 in his five-plus seasons in the NFL.


-- Charean Williams


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Ware is usually slow out of the gates in the early part of the season. But he will pick up steam from game 3 on out.

Plus, the emergence of Spencer has made it much harder for teams to key on Ware.

With two top-gun QB predators on the loose, the 'Boyz should start to realize some big disruptions to their opponents Offenses. Sacks should start to come in bunches making teams hurry up. Teams hurrying up should also increase the 'Boyz picks on D.

I remember that's how it was with the 'Boyz dynasty teams of the early to mid-90's. LBs & DBs would feed off of their DLs QB pressure and sacks. The 'Boyz DL would feed off of DB & LB coverage often causing what is known as "coverage sacks".

Same with the 'Boyz O back then in the good 'ole days. Our mammoth OL would pound. Emmitt would run wild opening up big plays downfield to Irvin. Irvin catching a deep ball or TD would then open up running lanes for Emmitt.

They fed off of each other. These current 'Boyz have got to start doin' that too. Soon.

If Ware wants more sacks, why doesn't he sack the quarterback more? Seems a logical solution.

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