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September 19, 2010

What Jerry Jones said after Sunday's loss ...

On the impact of an 0-2 start ...

"You can't anticipate it, and you've got to realize that it's quite a setback. Everything in me is about being optimistic. I know at the end of the day, these losses ... if we can have a season that gets us into the playoffs, these losses can be mitigated. But right now they're everything."

On the lack of offensive scoring despite good yardage ...

"The point is, at the end of the day, we don't have the one thing that counts. You can look at all the stats, and I like to do that, and you can look at it on an individual basis or otherwise. But this is across the board. This isn't just the offense."

On concerns about the kicking position ...

"... Certainly ... there have been some field goals that have been missed, but my intuition is to be real patient there."

On his criticisms after the game ...

"The execution; the basic stuff. You want to call a turnover a mistake; I'll call it with you there on that. We just weren't able to get up on them, so to speak, or get what you call the momentum."


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The constant stuff ups are the direct responsibility of the GM, The Bigg Fat Dufus (is he pregnant??) and the Incompetent totally over paid Brad Garrett. Garrett why do you only pass to #19? Where is Kevin Ogletree? Where is some genuine spread offense?? Where is a consistent pound it out running game? Get one yard then two then break one open. Where is it, the trademark of Dallas teams throughout the decades?? Garrett how can you sleep well when you are a total incompetent fraud earning an exhorbitant salary. You are way over your head. Fans can you imagine if Bilichik or Cownher was in charge?? Then just close your eyes and imagine.. all would be totally different. Would Dez Bryant be used like this?? No. Would Ogletree be used to exploit no coverage on him?? Yes. How can an individual who looks like the Bigg Fat Dufus instill discipline and intensity into a football team?? Just think Bill Cowher is out there and boy would he bring a new era into this palce. Like a cool Southerly change on a hot summer night.

"or get what you call the momentum"???? What the hell?!! Are you not from planet Earth Mr. Jones? Momentum means the same thing to us Earthlings as it does to you extraterrestials!

Or could it be that we all are "the little people" to you and the other billionaires you rub shoulders with--the upper crust...the "real" "higher" form of humanity whose feelings, emotions, and intellect are far, far, far beyond the comprehension of the rest of us (those unfortunate souls earning less than $1 million a year).

And, Mr. Jones, are you and your buddies feelings, emotions, intellect, and humanity more "valid" than ours? Is the grass greener through your eyes? The sky bluer? The ocean deeper? The moon more mesmerizing?

Is the Earth just one gigantic adult playground to you?

Do you think of us in the same way that we think of our house pets?

No? Then stop talking down to us and your players!!!!!!

Get rid of Wade and Jerk Jones

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