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September 20, 2010

Witten calms down, but rues missed chances

Jason Witten didn’t actually answer the question, but he didn’t argue with the intent of it, either.

When Witten left the Bears-Cowboys game with 9:08 remaining in the fourth quarter after catching a 23-yard pass from Tony Romo, he planned to return.

But when Witten was tackled, his head banged off the turf. He was examined by Cowboys medical personnel and told that he could not re-enter the game.

Witten protested vigorously, but to no avail. He never returned to the game and he wasn’t happy about it. Afterward, he uncharacteristically dodged the media and did not talk. But he did on Monday.

When asked if he had ever been that mad, Witten did not really answer. But he didn’t deny that he was angry.

“I mean, just the opportunity we let slip,” he said. “I think to be 0-2 and sit back and look after that game and see the opportunities you let slip. Give them credit. They played well. Not what we expected. Not what we want. Obviously, we’ve got ourselves in a hole.”

As far as his physical condition, Witten said: “I think everything’s fine. I didn’t feel like it was a concussion, you know. We did there for a little bit. But everything’s fine. I’m sure there’s protocol. It gets a little intense out there. Those trainers and doctors have my best interest at heart when they make those decisions. You want to get back out there and help your team compete and try to find a way to win, and unfortunately we weren’t able to do that, but I understand that.”

As far as playing against Houston on Sunday, Witten said; “I don’t see any reason why I wouldn’t be playing this week.”


-- Jan Hubbard


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