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October 28, 2010

Aikman, Staubach offer to play for the Cowboys on Sunday

With quarterback Tony Romo out for eight weeks with a fractured collarbone, Hall of Fame and Super Bowl champion quarterbacks Troy Aikman and Roger Staubach have offered their assistance.

Aikman, who led the Cowboys to three Super Bowl titles before retiring in 2000 due to back and concussion issues, jokingly said he probably could be more effective now because of all the new league rules protecting quarterbacks. He said he probably would never get hit in today's game.

Aikman, who turns 44 next month, is only 6 years older than Kitna.

Staubach, 58, took it a step further, saying he and the 38-year old Kitna were about the same age and carried the skill set. Staubach played in five Super Bowls, winning two during an 11-year career with the Cowboys.

 "I have offered to play quarterback on Sunday," Staubach said. " My arm is in good shape. I think I can help them without Tony out there. I don’t know Kitna. He's a nice guy though. But he's about my age isn't he?"

Staubach then backed off a bit, saying he's not as good as Romo or Kitna right now.

But he says he would do whatever it takes to get the Cowboys back on track.

"If I could help I would get out there and do it," Staubach said.

-- Clarence E. Hill Jr.




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That comment from Staubach is something I'd expect from T.O. Staubach would definitely be better than Kitna in one way – whining about the Steelers beating him.

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