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October 14, 2010

Barber remains the starter

Marion Barber started at running back for the Cowboys on Sunday. He will start again this Sunday, according to coach Wade Phillips.

"Because he is the starter," Phillips said. "I think it’s important he’s in there. He’s been the guy, and I think he still is."

After the first play on Sunday, Barber played mostly as the third-down back, with Felix Jones getting most of the carries. Jones had 15 carries for 109 yards and caught four passes for 17 yards, while Barber had six carries for 19 yards and no receptions.

"I think they’re both really good backs," Phillips said. "We’re glad we’ve got both of them. We’re glad we’ve got all three of them. None of that has changed."

Phillips said the "design" could change by the week, meaning there may be games where Barber gets more touches than Jones. Barber has 42 carries this season to Jones' 37, but Jones has more yards 197 to 144. The Cowboys have only one rushing touchdown this season.

Choice, it appears, is the odd man out. The former third-down and Razorback back had no touches last week. The Cowboys had not used the Razorback the past two weeks after using it only twice in the first two games. Choice had one rush for 4 yards out of the Razorback against the Redskins and one rush for minus-1 yard against the Bears. For the season, he has eight carries for 21 yards and three catches for 4 yards.

-- Charean Williams


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I think they should line up and block the man in front of them and hand the ball to Barber for the first half and then give it to Felix in the third and close the game with Barber and Choice in the fourth.

Throw when we get this running game back in line

not a fan of the barbarian right now. he should be sitting. maybe after the vikes plaster the boys on sunday...

if choice is not even being used, jerry should have traded him to san diego...and gone with a rookie. just doesn't make sense. hey, maybe they could have traded him for mcneil...no the carpenter for barron made more sense. promise, no beer taken for this here post.

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