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October 04, 2010

Big Leonard says give Alex a break

Guard Leonard Davis is amused by the notion that offensive line injuries have a negative impact on the Cowboys. With Kyle Kosier and Marc Colombo missing games, the Cowboys have be forced to use backups Montrae Holland and Alex Barron.

Barron had a difficult time against the Redskins in the season opener and his holding penalty late in the fourth quarter negated what would have been the winning touchdown.

But Davis said when backups are in, the team plays the same way.

“We ran the same plays we’ve been running all year. It hasn’t changed,” Davis said. “It’s not like we run this play with Colombo and then we can’t run that play with Alex. We run the same plays we ran with or without them.”

Davis went on to say, “We’ve got quality backups. Anytime you can have depth like that, it makes it tough for the other team to really have the advantage. Because usually when you don’t have quality depth, it’s a big dropoff. Maybe that’s when coordinators kind of tailor the game plan according to that.

“But the situation we’re in, we have good enough quality depth that we don’t have to do that, We don’t have to modify the game plan.”

-- Jan Hubbard


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I would say that Montrae has played better than Davis this year. I watched LD play, and he's not as mobile as he once was, unable to pull effectively anymore. He's OK blocking straight ahead, but also gave up 2 sack of Romo in the pre-season. Time to get busy grooming his replacement!

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