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October 27, 2010

Bradie issues challenge

When speaking with the media on Wednesday, linebacker Bradie James seemed to be sending a message to his teammates.

“Guys have gotten into a rut to be honest with you,” James said. “It’s a lot of negativity and a lot of criticism and people don’t respond too well to criticism -- [in] no way, shape, form, or fashion about it. But the way you play, criticism sometimes is warranted and that’s what we have to understand.

“We’ve got to move forward from the Giants game. All those things happen. Now we have [Jon] Kitna. Everybody has to rally around Kitna and pick him up and have all the confidence in the world in him in order for us to move forward to Jacksonville. That’s what matters.

“It can be worse. We’re 1-5 and what’s worse than 1-5? We can be 1-6. and the only way we can take care of that is concentrate on this next week. That’s just it.”

-- Jan Hubbard


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Brady's right. It's time to move on.

It will be a lot easier to move on if the defense actually shows up this week.

It will be alot easier to move on if Garrett can call an entire 60 minute game and not when the team is hot.

It will be alot easier to move on when the Emotion-less Cupcake gets fired.

And last it will be alot easier to move on if Jerry realizes he is not God's gift to all aspects of a football team. Time to eat your pride Jerry. Jon Gruden is all you need.

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