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October 31, 2010

Drop city


First, it was Felix Jones. Then, it was Miles Austin. Later, it was Roy Williams.

The Cowboys dropped four passes, with three tipped to Jaguars’ defenders for interceptions. Jones, Austin and Williams all had drops that led to interceptions.

“That’s what happens when you drop a ball and tip it up in the air and guys are behind you; they usually catch it,” Austin said. “Any time you have drops, you’re letting your quarterback down.”

The Cowboys entered the game tied for 20th in dropped passes, according to STATS, Inc., with nine. They added to their total Sunday.

“It’s all wide receivers. It’s ALL wide receivers,” Williams said. “Tipped balls, that’s on us.”

Austin had seven catches for 117 yards, but the reception he didn’t make is the one he remembers most. In the second quarter, he bobbled a pass that cornerback Derek Cox intercepted. The Jaguars drove 77 yards for a 14-3 lead and never looked back.

“It was an under route, and a lot of times when I try to catch the ball, I try to keep my feet on the ground,” Austin said. “But it was a good ball I thought. It was one that I would normally think I would catch. But you know….”

The Cowboys are minus-five in turnover ratio this season, with 10 takeaways and 15 giveaways. They were minus-three Sunday, throwing four interceptions while recovering a fumble.

-- Charean Williams


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This is part of the problem......he is content in that he feels he is "doing his job". Anthony, Look in the mirror, shave that silly beard off your face and tell yourself that just maybe, your teammates and coaches want and expect you to be more then "just a guy"! Time to step it up son!!

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