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October 31, 2010

Even Roy can see darkness on the horizon

Roy Williams has been the most positive Cowboy, especially with the adversity the team has put itself through.

Williams has continually said the Cowboys can turn the season around. Two weeks ago, he said maybe they could win 10 straight and finish 11-5.

Last week, he said there would be no dropoff from Tony Romo to Jon Kitna.

And Sunday, he said the Cowboys can still make the playoffs.

But even Williams has his breaking point. And he has reached it.

When asked if he still believes the 1-6 Cowboys can make the playoffs, he said: "I do. but that's just me."

The chances, however, have become small.

"This is our last shot," he said of the game next week in Green Bay. "Once you get to seven losses, you have a very slim chance of making it in. That's where we play just to play. You still don't give up, but you've got to play for somebody."

-- Jan Hubbard


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