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October 26, 2010

Giants LB Michael Boley said Romo let out a little scream when he hit the ground


Giants linebacker Michael Boley made perhaps the biggest play of the game when he knocked Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo with a broken collarbone in the second quarter.

Boley said the blame should go on the Cowboys blocking scheme not him.'

 “We had it drawn up," Boley said. "The guard didn’t see me. He blocked down on the tackle. Both backs went to the other side, so I came scot free.”

 Boley said he knew Romo was hurt because he let out a little scream when he hit the ground. But he initially thought he would get up.

“When he hit the ground, I heard he let out a little scream," Boley said. "So I knew something was up. But I didn’t think he was going to lay down.  I thought it was just a normal hit. After I got up and started running, I looked back after the play was over and he was still down. … Anytime somebody gets hurt, in this league, you hate to see people get hurt. There have been a lot of injuries over the past month, and that you hate to see. I wish him the best.”

 Clarence E. Hill Jr.


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At 9 or 10 on the scale, the anger has led to major problems/crime. Maybe they are in prison for some crime committed during an outburst of anger. They may need major deliverance from an obvious demonic problem.

The reply is extremely easy. It's allin how they perceive their troubles. Yes, each and every living person has troubles. A problem-free everyday life is definitely an illusion-a mirage inside desert. Accept that simple fact.

I sincerely hope your life, work, and family be blessed.

Tom, the dipsh#+ who called Dallas fans douchebags! Dipsh#+, its just a game! Quit taking football so seriously ya loser! You want to call me a name to my face? Not smart! Id break every bone in your body and I guarantee you'd let out more than a little scream! Boley is a douchebag for his comments! Let me add that if another QB goes down for the season against the G-girls, the commish might want to look into it! Shaun hill, tony romo.. there seems to be a trend here. Just sayin..

Cowboys season "EPIC Failure"

the giants team sucks and so do their fans con safos to you also.sorry b......!

I am a die hard Giant fan but I hate to see a player get injured. I always want the Giants to win and I expect them to play hard but I never, EVER like to see Quarterbacks or anyone else get hurt badly....Except Tom Brady!!!

it amazes me the lack of class so many of you exude......it's just a game. wishing injury on any player on any team shows how low your mentality relly is.

Your son probably broke his collar bone after falling doing a ballet move, not getting slammed to the ground by a 200+ pound linebacker.

A little scream, a wet dream, a giant screen - it's all the same: 1-5. Hahahaha! Hail!

What's the difference between a little scream and a big screen?


The Dallas players are meatheads, the coach is a species of statue, the owner is a hack, the organization is trash and yet they were picked to not just go to the playoffs but win the whole thing! They've won only one playoff game in a decade and they're supposed to be the ones.. Well for the rest of the year Mr. Jone's fancy new stadium will be more like a shiny neon morgue where the dead boys play out the string of a painfully meaningless season. I'm also very pleased to see Romo was injured, as far as I'm concerned its payback for Flozell Adams ruining the 2009 season for Justin Tuck.

My 16yr old son broke his collar bone last Saturday and he didn't let out a "little" scream.

It was a clean hit, Dal-ass blew their assignment letting Boley bowl over Romo. Writing that revenge is in order only clarifies what everone thinks, Dallas sucks, from the owner down to their douchebag fans. Enjoy watching Kitna lead your offense.

NOOOOO CLASSS! That is the writers in Dallas and the players on the New York Giants!!! Boley is an average linebacker who came free because of a poor blocking set up by a horrible coach. I can only hope he has a guy go low on him in the next game and is out for the season!! FYI I have had my collar broken and the pain is incredibly painful. What did you think would happen jack ass!

It was a clean hit. Gronkowksi blew his assignment, leaving Boley free to destroy Romo. It sucks for us Cowboy fans but it's part of the game. I wonder who we will take with our top 5 pick in the 2011 draft?

The giants are jerks and so are the two announcers last night that have been down on the Cowboys for years. Jaws cannot forget all those games he lost to the boys and will be bitter to the end and Gruden is just a know it all jerk....no fair reporting from ESPN this time.

The hit was clean. If the roles were reversed Ware or Spencer would have done the same. Too bad we have a bunch of GUTLESS QUITTERS on this team because our defense should have made Eli pay for this but instead they laid down while the giants again made them their bitch.

1-The scream Boley heard was probably the guy that was supposed to be blocking him screaming Ole'. 2-The hit was clean. How can anyone blame Boley for Romo getting injured on a clean hit?

Anytime a Giant makes a play fair or foul they like to rub it in with snide little slurs like "he let out a little scream" and "I didn’t think he was going to lay down". Tough talk for someone who gets a free shot at a defenseless player. Hopefully in a few weeks at Giants Stadium, Leonard Davis or Andre Gurode can inflict similar damage on the suddenly loudmouthed Boley and we'll see what sort of noises he makes and whether he jumps up and does a few pushups to show he's OK. When will the Giants ever learn to win with class?

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