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October 26, 2010

Hey Cowboys fans -- Eli sees the bright side

After Eli Manning threw for 306 yards and four touchdowns in the victory over the Cowboys, he threw bouquets at the Cowboys.

"They are a talented team," Manning said. "They will get home and we have to face them again in a few weeks. We have a bye week, we play Seattle and then we are back with Dallas at home. They will be playing well. they are always a tough challenge. They have great players offensively and defensively and we will see them again and we have to take care of business."

Yes, those Cowboys are great -- especially without their starting quarterback.

But, hey, who is to criticize a nice guy.

-- Jan Hubbard



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Good one Peter, I bet that really stings Eli this morning.

How many rings does Romo have?

How many does Eli have?

LOL... yea... cause Romo was responsible for all those points the Cowboys put up right?

Joe Montana wouldn't have helped you last night.

I will criticize him. Hey Eli, when Romo was in the game, who was winning? Oh yeah, the Cowboys because Romo is a better QB then you!

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