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October 05, 2010

Jerry Jones still prefers Felix Jones over Chris Johnson but says Felix needs more carries


Despite decidedly less production, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has no regrets in taking running back Felix Jones over Chris Johnson in the 2008 draft.

Jones said as much on his radio show Tuesday. He also said that Felix Jones needs more carries and he looks for him to get them, possibly starting Sunday against Johnson and the Titans.

“Everyone is in unanimous agreement with the staff, scout and everyone involved that Felix needs to touch the ball more,” Jones said. “He's just too much of a threat and that was our intention in pre-season coming out, no matter whether he's getting a chance to be in the running game, but certainly in the passing game as well. I really look for you to see a lot more of Felix Jones.”

Jones continued to justify his decision to take Felix Jones at No. 22 in 2008, two slots ahead of where Tennessee took Chris Johnson. Johnson led the league in rushing last year with more than 2,000 and is considered the NFL’s most explosive back. Felix Jones is splitting time with Marion Barber and Tashard Choice in Dallas.

“Well, his speed was the best that we had ever seen for a running back, ever,” Jones said of Johnson. “ I must say that Wade was really on the table, he really liked him. What we didn't necessarily see was his overall skills to have that speed and the balance that he's got as well. What we saw more in Felix, which was more about Felix then it was not about Johnson was an ordinate vision... We liked his vision and we liked his speed and just the type of individual that he was. His college coaches at Arkansas told us that you'd have to shoot him to get him off of the practice field. That work attitude really convinced us that Felix was who we wanted.”   


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I tend to lead toward Chris Johnson as being more of a threat than Felix Jones. Johnson definitely gets to carry the ball more than Felix Jones.

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Johnson seemed like the better choice at draft time and now, in hindsight, it is obvious. However, like giving up three draft picks including a FIRST for Roy Williams, Jerry is still in denial about these decisions and that he needs to hire a legitimate GM.

Um,Jerald wayne, just a minute there chris johnson is the best running back in the game for sure ,nothing againest Felix but hes to powerful and to strong for Felix,and overall johnson is the way to go for me and a lot of other fans i think.And the cowboys have to get Choice sould get more runs to because he is also very strong runner.

Love Felix Jones. But, someone needs to save Jerry from himself. He should not make any football decisions. His fingerprints are all over many of the head scratching decisions over the years. At least when Jimmy Johnson was here, Jimmy was strong enough of a personality where he could stand up to Jerry.

Sounds to me that Wade preferred Chris Johnson to Felix Jones, But as usual Jerry Jones went with things other than football. i.e. Arkansas, wow factor, same last name etc, There is not a GM in the NFL (except Jerry) that would say Felix was a better pick than Chris Johnson.

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