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October 31, 2010

Kitna plays OK; Cowboys lose

Jon Kitna, 38, made his first start since Oct. 5, 2008, when he was with Detroit. He helped the Cowboys to 415 yards, as Dallas outgained its opponent for the sixth time in seven games.

Kitna gave the Cowboys a chance to win, but they lost, like they have six times this season, managing only 17 points.

“I thought Kitna played like I had hoped, frankly, if you can say that in a loss,” said Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who traded for Kitna before last season. “I think Kitna was strong with his throws, and frankly, there’s no excuses because actually a couple of throws didn’t make the difference out here, but certainly, it was tough luck from his part to have those balls bounce up [and be intercepted].

“There’s no way that the play of our quarterback doesn’t give us a chance to win the game today.”

Kitna completed 34-of-49 passes for 379 yards with one touchdown, four interceptions and a passer rating of 64.9. The 49 attempts were the eighth-most in team history, while the 34 completions tied for the third-most.

“I felt going into the game we had a chance to be very effective,” Kitna said. “…The great thing for me is I felt like I was seeing the field well. That’s always the thing you concern yourself with [after] not having played for awhile. I felt like I was seeing the moving parts pretty well.”

-- Charean Williams


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there is no if, nice post and nice day

Where are all the Romo haters? Everything was supposed to be better once we got rid of Romo. Kitna had a decent game...we should have won, right, since the problem is Romo?

I recall that Jimmie Johnson wouldn't have put up for long with mistae prone players. Mistake prone not just fumbling or dropping passes. But also mental errors in missing assignments or creating a penalty. Landry wouldn't put up with poor discipline either on the field or in the locker room or, in the public eye for that matter.

I personally believe that Jerry Jones, a fine marketer of products, will accept any disruptive player for the expectation of filling seats. But in the same time doing so, taking away his coaches ability to be a full head coach.

Bottom line, with Jerry having as much control as he has, how can or who would want to coach for him? When Jerry's failures become the coach's failure's the coach has pressure from all angle's. Who can win with so much pressure?

I second John on his second of Larry Land's statement.

I second everything Larryland said below.

I think I know cowboys
I remember when weird geeky people started mounting these coat-hanger antennas above their roofs to receive the game from Waco when it had not sold out at the cotton bowl. A old friend of mine helped build cowboys stadium, and he would sit all over the new stadium in order to determine the very best seat for the season and his buck. I remember when Jones fired Landry. I remember when Johnson won and kept on, and he left when Jones would not give him his due. And, d**n that loud-mouthed vulgarian Barry! and double d**n Parcels!!! PLEASE!!!
By my experience, I suggest the cowboys fans deserve much better. We have seen much better! I vote to fire JERRY JONES, ans banish his twisted ego back to the land of ARK (ansas) for all times! Enough of this stupidity and arrogance!
It was bad enough when Cluck allowed him into Tarrant County; now we have to live with his stench of LOOSING and lame skill at directing a football club.

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