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October 31, 2010

Players say changing coaches makes no sense

Wade Phillips has taken a team that was supposed to compete for the Super Bowl and led it to a 1-6 record.

Harsh? Perhaps. But the team has performed so poorly that it seems only logical that the head coach should be dismissed.

Jerry Jones says he’s not doing it. And the players say such demands are pointless.

“It wouldn’t do us any good at all,” cornerback Terrence Newman said. “Not even a little bit. Think about it, you bring different coaches, people don’t know these guys, you’ve got different schemes.”

What about dismissing Phillips and promoting someone on the staff?

“If they are coaching right now,” Newman said, and then went silent to let the point sink in.

And it was a good point. If a current coach is on the staff and hasn’t done anything to help the Cowboys out of their slide, what difference would that coach make?

“I think everybody definitely respects Wade,” Newman said. “He gets his point across with us. We understand we have in the head coach we have. So I don’t think that trying to change coaches would do us any good, especially when he’s not on the field. We are and we’re just not getting it done. I can’t put that on him I have to put that on us.”

Phillips was asked if he thought he had lost the team. “I hope not,” he said.

Defensive end Marcus Spears was more outspoken.

“Not me personally,” he said when asked if Phillips had lost the team. “I cant speak on behalf of everybody else. But Wade has had success here. To say you’re tuning him out -- you’re really giving up. I still believe in him. I don’t know how that sits with [the media] or anybody else. But me personally, I deal with him on a daily basis. So he wants to win as bad as anybody else. That’s pretty much it. That’s all I got to say about it. If guys are tuning him out, they may need to find another job.”

-- Jan Hubbard



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And there you have it. The players are tired of all the talk of "changes" that have been bandied about by media, fans, NFL analysts, NFL players, anyone with half-a-brain, etc... Que the 1971 David Bowie song "Changes"!!!

I've come to the ultimate conclusion that rich people are either incapable of telling the truth or they are emotionally or mentally deluded. Does tons of money really make a human being insane? History doesn't paint a pretty picture of great wealth and insanity.

"We don't need to change our HC". Really? "We haven't 'stopped' playing for him". Really? "I think everybody respects Wade." Really? "I still believe in Wade." Really? "We coulda, shoulda, woulda, played better and won the past 4 games, but, something came up." Really? What came up? An important cell phone call that absolutely could not be missed? A one way ticket out of Dallas to the Bahamas to lounge out the rest of your miserable days on the beaches of medicrity?

I believe the OL can no longer get it done. I said back when this team lost a couple of preseason games that this team does not have any outstanding RBs on the roster. I still stand by that contention. All the lousy play from the OL, the Backs, the QBs, the WOs, has finally started to affect what once was a proud and stout D. Now the D is no longer playing with the passion, poise, control, intelligence, and speed it once did.

But to blame the O 100% for the D's play is incorrect. The O is only partly responsible. The D could get it's own takeaways and TDs if it wanted to. If it felt the O wasn't hitting on all cylinders it could play even harder and make its own offense. Look at the way the Ravens D has played over the years. Look at the way the Steelers D has played over the years.

Not all Os can be blessed with a Payton Manning or a Tom Brady or a Chris Johnson or an Adrian Peterson.

We got some WOs that can get it done, but, who are starting to tip catchable balls into opposing Ds hands for picks. Why? Oh, yessiree, I remember now---the players are still playing hard for the coaches, the owner, and us over-critical fans.

Of course they don't want to change coaches. They might get someone that will actually hold them accountable and bust their tails in practice. So whats a few losses as long as they get ice cream and cake from the coaches after every loss. Poor little babies.

With the way they're playing, these guys aren't entitled to have an opinion.

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