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October 26, 2010

Roy Williams curiously says the Cowboys can go 11-5 and Kitna is just as good as Romo


Amidst the doom and gloom in the Cowboys locker room was the bright sound of optimism from receiver Roy Williams, who offered a couple of gems to the assembled media.

On 38-year old quarterback Jon Kitna, Williams said Kitna is just as good as starter Tony Romo.

"Tony Romo is our starter but Jon Kitna is just as good," said Williams who played with Kitna in Detroit. "We are going to work this week in practice so we get the timing down with the receivers. But I have complete faith in him. I know how good he is."

Williams said the Cowboys can win out and still make the Super Bowl, despite their 1-5 start.

"Absolutely, who said we would be 1-5?," Williams asked. "Everybody picked us to be in the Super Bowl and we can still get there. 11-5 will get you in so we have to take one game at a time. We need to get to 2-5 and go from there. If we can just get something going, we will be alright."

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Bring back Jimmy or go get Gruden or Cowher if he would even want to coach for Jerry. J. Jones needs to hire a better proven Coach who will earn respect and get the job done; then Jerry needs to get the heck out of the way like he did when Parcells was there. Hell, I would rather have sub par talent with good coaching and WINS then above par talent with sub par coaching and LOSSES----

All I can say is bring on the new coach

11-5 maybe playing Acorn State and Texas University.

These individuals Williams, etc are all idiots. Simple idiots. This team was cooked weeks ago and the one bright spot remains static: BILL COWHER IS STILL AVAILABLE ... BILL COWHER IS STILL AVAILABLE.. BILL COWHER IS STILL AVAILABLE... BILL COWHER IS STILL AVAILABLE... AND SO ON AND SO FORTH

LMFAO. Cowboys 11-5. Yeah right. Cowboys suck. Redskins all day baby.

wish4 thinking uno. turn off the lights the party over.

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