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October 31, 2010

Running nowhere

For the third consecutive game, the Cowboys failed to gain 100 yards on the ground. Dallas had 50 rushing yards on 22 carries as Felix Jones carried eight times for 22 yards and Marion Barber picked up 16 yards on nine carries. (Quarterback Jon Kitna scrambled for 12 yards on five carries.)

“We’ve just got to keep finding ways to run the football,” Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett said. “[We just need to] run it from different personnel groups and just find ways each week to come off the ball and create some yardage and some productivity in the running game, because it’s going to help our offensive line, help our passing game and will help our football team.”

-- Charean Williams 


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It doesn't take a football expert to see that there is no imagination to the play calling on the offense. The defenders know exactly where the play is going and usually gets there before the Cowboy offense can get there. I can not understand how everyone of our receivers are covered by at least two defenders and the running backs have no hole to run to without more defenders being there than there are offensive players. NEVER A HOLE the back has to make his own hole. Someone is either reading the play before the play starts or there is 100% luck on every play by the defense. It has gopt be lack of preparation on the cowboys part and a lack of committment on the coaches and players part. Start over with other personnel, it couldn't be any worse!!!

Ya know Garret it doesn't take me a Ivy league education to realize that Barber can not run outside the tackles and Jones has difficulty running between them, maybe to get the running game going you should realize what RB is in the game before you call the play. Just some advice on running. I would also consider starting McGee at QB and starting a different RT as not only is Columbo pathetic at pass blocking he is not not able to run block either. Put the kid from ND in and see if he can play, Jerrah loves that youth!

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