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October 27, 2010

The mysterious running game

With quarterback Tony Romo out for at least eight weeks and 38-year old Jon Kitna in as his replacement, the Cowboys will wisely attempt to emphasize the running game.

The problem is that the running game hasn’t exactly been the second coming of Jim Brown and Walter Payton.

Felix Jones currently ranks 38th in the NFL with an average of 44 yards per game. Marion Barber ranks 51st with 30.2 a game. Combined, their 74.2 yards per game would rank them only 16th in the league.

Dallas coach Wade Phillips showed no interest in using popular third back Tashard Choice.

 “There are two other guys I think are running hard," Phillips said. "We’ve got to block better for them. We’ve got to execute the plays better. Those guys are running hard. I don't have a problem with the way they're running."

Unfortunately for Phillips, opponents also have no problem with the way the Dallas running backs are running.

-- Jan Hubbard


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It's the damned O-Line coach. His scheme is outdated. We've had this problem before; that's why he was fired. He was brought back because there was no one else. Houck has to go. He was a great coach...20 years ago.

You might want to read what Wade said as long as you are going to include his quote.

He said "we've got to block better for them". His position is that the blocking on the run plays has not been good. You may disagree with that (though you would be wrong if you did), but he is not saying that the running GAME is alright, only that it is not the fault of the runners as much as it is the fault of the blockers.

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