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October 14, 2010

Wade: Dungy should know about bad quarterbacks

Wade Phillips wasn’t aware of Tony Dungy’s latest attack on the Dallas Cowboys, but when he was told, he had a humorous response.

Last year, Dungy irritated the Cowboys by saying they had no chance to beat an undefeated Saints team in New Orleans  -- and he proved to be lacking as a prognosticator as the Cowboys defeated the Saints 24-17.

Then on Sunday, Dungy said on NBC that Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is lacking as a quarterback and a leader.

"Part of being a leader at the quarterback position is protecting the football." Dungy said. "You've got to do that to be a great quarterback."

That was after Romo had three interceptions in the loss to Tennessee.

Phillips said that in a 1977 game when he was on the Houston Oilers’ staff and they were playing Pittsburgh, Dungy was forced to come in the game as the quarterback after starter Terry Bradshaw and backup Mike Krusczek were knocked out of the game with injuries.

“He turned it over several times,” Phillips said. “I believe believe he fumbled the first snap.”

In that game, Dungy completed only 3-of-8 passes for 43 yards and was intercepted twice.

“Tony Dungy has been a great coach in this league,” Phillips said. “He told everybody that New Orleans would kill us last year and we had no chance. I don’t know his credibility that way."

Dungy also was convenient in his criticism. He failed to mention that Romo had a career-low nine interceptions in 2009, which tied him for third fewest in the league among quarterbacks who started all 16 games.

So he was a leader last year but not this year?

Romo responded on Thursday by saying that Dungy was not qualified to judge Romo’s leadership skills because Dungy had never attended a Cowboys’ practice.

“He can come along if he wants to see,” said Romo, who invited Dungy to attend Dallas practices. “He can see it anytime you’re out here. That’s just part of it. If you’d ask any of my coaches you’d probably get a different answer. If Tony Dungy was in here it’d be the same way.”

-- Jan Hubbard


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Happy new year to all my love!Hope everyone has a fantastic new year!

Okay, please correct me if I am wrong, but didn't Tony pass for a career high 400 plus yards? The three Interceptions were two tipped balls that could have just as easily been caught and only one really bad choice on his part toward the end. Even then he was just trying to win the game with his arm. Think for a moment folks just where they would be if he hadn't came along, he is one of the bright spots on that team. Lack of solid coaching, not the QB is the trouble here.

the real tony romo will show up next sunday against the vikings. cowboys upset the vikings guaranteed. romo plays his best when his back is against the wall and all has jumped off his bandwagon. cowboys win big.

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