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October 28, 2010

Ware vows to do more

Linebacker DeMarcus Ware has quietly had eight sacks. That ties him for second in the NFL. But it hasn't been enough for him or for the Cowboys.

"I always feel like my job is always to try to make big plays and get pressure on the quarterback," Ware said. "You can never do enough for the team. So I’m trying to do as much as I can."

Ware has 43 tackles, including six for loss, and 13 quarterback pressures. But he has only one forced fumble and one fumble recovery this season. The Cowboys need more from him, especially now that Tony Romo is sidelined with a fractured left clavicle.

"Instead of getting one sack a game, try to get two to four, as many as you can," Ware said. "I just try to make big plays, when the time comes, on the quarterback, knocking the ball out, getting turnovers, making sure Jon Kitna gets the ball back. We talked earlier this week and he said, 'Get me the ball as much as you can and I promise you we’re going to score points.' That’s heart warming to hear that from Jon this week."

-- Charean Williams





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