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November 15, 2010

Barber is fined for flaunting dress code

Running back Marion Barber was fined by the team for not abiding by new dress code policy instituted by interim coach Jason Garrett.

Garrett mandated that all players were coat, dress slacks and a tie. Barber didn’t wear a tie and wore jeans to and from the  game against the Giants on Sunday.

Barber did not the start the game, due to a play call decision. He was in on the second play and carried three straight times.

But he was fined an undisclosed amount by the Cowboys, according to a source.

The perplexing thing to the Cowboys is that Barber owns several nice suits and many wonder if he was defying the orders of a new coach on purpose.

It’s more disappointing to them because he is a team captain, which Garrett said is important. He will remain a team captain for now.

"We lay out expectations for our players for all different kinds of behaviors," Garrett said Monday. "There will be consequences if they don't follow those procedures, and we'll keep those consequences in-house."


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change will take us by the throat

It isn't perplexing, it is just good old fashioned arrogance. Barber is saying he is bigger than the team.

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