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November 23, 2010

Brooking looking forward to time after Thanksgiving

Some players have complained about how difficult it is to play games four days apart, but Cowboys linebacker Keith Brooking said it has its advantages.

“You can look at it that it’s a quick turnaround and you’re playing two games in [five] days,” Brooking said. “Yeah, that’s the case. But you’re having a less physical week in practice.

“You play Thursday and you get three days off, so we’re probably doing less work in this week than we normally do in a regular week. So I think it’s a plus. It’s going to be good. We obviously need to come up with a good performance against a great team and those three days will feel a lot better.”

The flip side for the Cowboys is also that they will have 10 days to rest before playing the Colts in Indianapolis.

-- Jan Hubbard



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In between hanging out with Tamil Tigers and getting a sun tan, I’ve been making the rounds at some of these “reconstruction projects”—and let me tell you, the situation here makes the Katrina clean-up look like the New Deal. Despite the billions of dollars given to Sri Lanka, thousands of people here are still languishing in temporary housing two years later.

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