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November 23, 2010

Former Cowboys coach Wade Phillips compares himself to Tom Landry, says he will coach again

Wade Phillips compares himself to Tom Landry, says he will coach again

 Former Cowboys coach Wade Phillips hasn’t done an interview locally since being fired by owner Jerry Jones two weeks ago and replaced by interim coach Jason Garrett.

But he did go on Bruce Smith’s radio show on WXTG-FM ( 102.1 The Game) in Virginia Beach Monday night in what was his first extensive interview since the coaching change.

Phillips said he doesn’t feel bad about the job he did in Dallas because he ended up with the same winning percentage as legendary Cowboys coach Tom Landry _ obviously absent the litany of division titles, playoff wins, five Super Bowl appearances and two Super Bowl titles.

“We went 34-22, which is pretty good,” Phillips said. “I went out with the same winning percentage as Tom Landry, so I don't feel bad about my head coaching career.”

Phillips says he is not ready to retire and still wants to coach. He doubts he will get another head coaching job but predicted he will be back in the league as a defensive coordinator soon.

 “I think they're going to look at me more as a coordinator and that's fine with me. I just want to coach,” Phillips said. “I got 33-34 years now in the league and I enjoy coaching. I enjoy the players and you know, once you're away from it, even for a small amount of time, you miss the camaraderie. Just the great feeling of guys working together and the people involved, so I'd like to get back into it. I think there will be an opening somewhere for defensive coordinator that has a pretty good reputation.”

 Clarence E. Hill Jr.



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Those are super cute. I like you on Facebook.

And that winning % doesn't even include all of those bye week wins, Wade. ;)

Memo to "Bring back the flex"... Pal, are you serious? The Donut is a hopeless Head Coach, why do you think the team has suddenly looked like a football team? Energy and enthusiasm, two essentials to achieve anything in life, are not The Donut's trademarks. Garrett at least looks aggressive and alert. As for The Donut vs. Tom Landry... please, someone evoke the Mercy Rule here pronto!!!

Stupid comments. Landry sucked his first 5 years. If this media and fan base were around then, Landry would have been gone after 3 years.

Fact is, Phillips is a good coach never given enough time to develop his own team with support from an owner.

Landry had a losing record, but the owner thumbed his nose at the fans that wanted him gone and signed him to a 10 year extension. The rest is history.

Would Phillips be as good as Landry? Not saying he would be. But if you constantly dig up your garden because the flowers didn't bloom fast enough then you are going to be covered in dirt a long time.

The players didn't listen to Phillips, and I don't ever want to even HEAR Philip's name again, so please let this Jerry Jones Puppet disappear from this blog. The quicker I forget his name, the better.

Wade Phillips might be a great guy but he is nowhere near Tom Landry. Tom had character, and values that no other coach can match and was a head coach much longer than Wade. It was a sad day when J.J. cut ties with Tom. Who knows what more Tom Landry might have accomplished. Tom Landrys name belongs in the Cowboys hall of fame and the football hall of fame. I wouldnt put Wade on that pedestal.

Wade still don't get it, almost getting
it done don't count. A long ways to go
to compare to TL.

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