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November 11, 2010

Garrett wants no dominoe playing and a clean lockerroom too

Receiver Roy Williams took it upon himself to write out fines to teammates in the lockerroom Thursday for tape on the floor, unncessary trash and general sloppiness.

This was not Williams laying down the law. This was Williams following up on a new directive by interim coach Jason Garrett to clean up the lockerroom.

Not only is Garrett trying to clean up the team's play on the field but he has mandated they do a better job taking care of the locker room.

Maybe Williams is trying to get more catches. Maybe he's been a smart guy.

Bottom line, is that at least one of Garrett's messages is getting through.

 Make that two. It is also noticeable that the players are no longer player cards and dominoes in the lockerroom in the middle of the day _ a frequent occurence under the Wade Phillips regime.

Clarence E. Hill Jr.


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i think garrett is on the right path it may take a season or two before u will will c results. i also think jerry made the right choice in selecting garrett, first of all he is 44 yrs old, young and energistic and will be in dallas a long time. i predict sucess for garrett as well as the head coach that will take the cowboys to winning super bowls again. jerry will provide garrett with the resources he needs to bring the cowboys back as a elite team. i also predict a makeover of the currett roster, the team that will reprsent the cowboys in those super bowls will not be this 1-7 team, except for bryant, ware, jenkins, spencer, free, bennett, choice, etc. i c garrett winning 2 super bowls as the hc of da boys.

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