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November 01, 2010

Jerry Jones is embarrassed and offers apology to the fans for the Cowboys debacle

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said he is as embarrassed and disappointed as he has ever been in his football team. Jones was the one who talked about making a Super Bowl run and become the first team to win the big game played at their home stadium.
Now he is looking at a team off to its worst start since they went 1-15 during his first season in 1989. Jones offered an apology to Cowboys fans after the game.

"I'm embarrassed. Of course I am," Jones said  "And, to every fan, I should have and do take the ultimate, ultimate responsibility. I do. That's the way we're structured. That's the way I run it. There's no question that I have the plan and executing it to have the best players and the best coaching that we can have. I'm dumbfounded we are 1-6."
"I thought we had a team here that could be one of the top competitive teams in the NFL," Jones said. "I'm very, very, very sorry to our fans. You should have better than this."

Clarence Hill


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change will take us by the throat

New Head coach and new offense coordinator alone with an offensive line and defensive backs and safetys that are not afraid to hits would help cowboys win a superbowl!

The thing about Bill Cowher is that the man also drafts very well. Think about this. Ben Rothlisberger and Troy Polamalu two HOF type players and let's also include Hines Ward and players on the DL too. Cowher is a FOOTBALL MAN A REAL FOOTBALL COACH. What a waste by GM Gumbo to let this calibre of coach get away. Look Cowher won regularly in Pittsburgh and he got that team to two Super Bowls with predominantly average type players. The coaching, HIS COACHING made a big difference as did his assistants. Look at Ken Wisenhunt and Russ Grimm two assistants with Cowher two guys who almost brought a Super Bowl to Arizona. Yes a Super Bowl to lowly Souths aka The Cardinals. Cwoher is the only realistic choice because the players such as Ware and Jenkins will be lost unless they have a REAL FOOTBALL COACH.

If we are able to only come upon each and every other as opposed to stay with each and every other,then I wish we experienced by no implies encountered.

Wow! Cowboy Nation sees it. We need a GM NOT named Jones. Even a mediocre GM would have the Boys ship buoyant. The debacle of this year is flat out embarrasing. I am ready to start wearing a bag over face when I watch the games. I am beginning to realize what it must have been like to be a Saints and Raiders fan. Jerry has turned into the Al Davis of the NFC. Nothing but big talk and crappy teams forever and ever. Ego's got to go if you want the greatest franchise in History to regain it's former glory. It's within reach. Cowboy tradition is about SB Wins not SB talk.

I've watched the 'Boys since the Super Bowl loss to Baltimore in the 70's. It's hard to watch the farce going on right now.

Face it, Jerry can't hire another Jimmy or Tuna. His ego won't let him do it. So, no Cowher or Gruden. Until the Jones family sells the franchise, which won't happen until after I die because of Stephen, we will have mediocre to bad team with a year or 2 mixed in where we get close to the playoffs or knocked out in the first round. It's sad, but no more Super Bowls. Hey, guy on YouTube who called me stupid: WHO'S STUPID NOW? I WAS RIGHT! THEY WON A PLAYOFF GAME IN SPITE OF WADE, NOT BECAUSE OF HIS COACHING!

Here is a youtube video of the 6'10" monster I spoke of below...this guy is King Kong and twice as bad!!:


I stated in many blogs on here over and over that Jerry should demote Wade to DC and bring in Cowher as HC, NOW!!!--in midseason!!--it can't get any worse than it already is, and, Cowher would 100% not let the losing continue even if he came here midseason. Keeping Wade as DC would keep the players morale from crashing further than it already has, and, Cowher would raise that morale to the level needed--he's a players coach after all!

COWHER WANTS TO BE THE NEXT DALLAS COWBOYS COACH!!!! He wants it badly. Everyone on the inside of the TV networks where he works and in all corners of the NFL where he works knows this!!! Everyone except Jerry!

You can keep Wade on the team as DC. You can bring Cowher in. The players would love those 2 type of moves. Wade would too. He could get busy concentrating on D only and not have to do any more of those nasty HC media conferences everyday. Cowher could do 'em. Do 'em better too. Knock the sillyness out of the players too. Cowher would probably sack Garrett as his first move. Something sorely needed at the moment.

I've also said that there are 3 OLinemen 200 miles west of Ft Worth that play on the Odessa Rouch Necks IFL team that are better than anyone playing on the 'Boyz OL--one guy is almost 7 foot tall and weighs 340lbs, another is 6'6" and weighs 375lbs, and the third is 6'5" and weighs 355lbs. All are meaner than junk yard dogs. All are quick, athletic, and strong as bulls.

The 6'10" giant above doesn't have an ounce of fat on his entire body--he weighs 340lbs of nothing but muscle! I've seen him play. He's deranged mean and would instantly become the most feared player in the NFL. He would literally crush anything you put in front of him. The 375 pounder knows how to play center--he would put Gurode out to pasture. The 350 pounder is so mean the 'Boyz would have to keep him in a cage on game day before games.

But what do I know...if Jerry didn't find 'em, so he can get the credit, he don't want 'em. So keep your losing ways and keep disappointing the best fans in all of sports.

It's not too late for next year, Wade Phillips is not a Cowboy's coach and No MO Romo is not the quarterback. Start with the O-line, they cant move 2inches in front of them??? If you cant run block you shouldnt be in the NFL. These guys are below average and cant hold a block. Havent seen the O-line open one hold all year. Get rid of Phillips and Garrett and Romo and bring in a bulldog of a coach and the other true talent remaining will fall in line. FANS dont pay to watch this show them all where the TRUE MONEY IS !!!!!!!!!!

Look here...I've been a DCB fan since high school; and still am,even till this day. But enough is enough! To the coaches and the players, if I was Jones, NONE OF U WOULD GET PAID, until you act like you want the game as much as the fans! Enough of the BS...get out there and play some real football! If you don't want to play, carry ur azz somewhere else and let someone else show u how it's done! You are the all-American team...scrap ur face and balls off the ground and unite as one! Get it together...u still have time to at least make the playoffs! NOW ACT LIKE U KNOW, DCB!!!!

I am a 22 year Cowboys fan, have stuck by them defending them and loved them. When they were the haven't won a playoff game in 13 years joke, I went to the bat for them. Wore that star proudly, the boys are a clone of their coach.(Wade) No zest, no heart, vigor, most Cowboys fans made this call after the draft. What we needed you did not get, Dez was ok but he is 1 person. You kept the living dead, and thought we were going to the Super bowl. How with what ? I prayed we would get Shanahan, someone with guts to put a fire under the boys. We got Wade is staying, we buy the gear we fill the seats. Cowboys fans have been die hearts, we have been ridiculed to no end for years, still we stuck like glue. You and you along have made it hard this time, do the right thing Jerry you know what you need to do. My 7 year old can make better calls than Garett, do this now not the end of this pitiful season. You the fans and the players are the joke of the season. Its in your power, to change all the mistakes you have made. Stop playing with that new stadium, that our team will not be playing in Super bowl time. And do whats right by the boys and us their fans or ......sell them to someone who cares about all of us. We don't need to hear you are sorry, we need action now. We are hurting here, we still love our boys and you now show us how much you love us..

Wade has got to go. I have wanted him gone for years. He has been riding on the work that Parcells did and now all that work is completely gone. It's all in Miami. If we would have kept the Tuna in charge we would have been playing home field again. Loosen up Jerry. Trust a hard nose coach that you can't push around. We don't need a guy like Wade baking the other teams cupcakes before the games. My got is he even invited to the coaches meetings? With all the talent you have put together their is no excuse. It's the discipline and structure within the coaching staff that rubs off on the players. Get Cower or JJ back get a hard nose coach and back off and let him do his job. Your wallet will be a lot happier and so will I.

Let me say this, we are calling out the owner, the coach, but I think we need to put the blame where it belong, THE PLAYER’S, Jones did not turn over the ball, the Coaches did not drop balls that should have been a caught. Now I do blame Jason Garrett for the play calling, because he called some bone head plays. But remember two (2) things happen in football, you can be a hero or a zero in this game real fast. But the player’s are paid to play to win the game. The Cowboys showed up but they did not play to win, THEY QUIT, they stunk up the field. It's time that we start calling out these lame player's who get on the field and embarrass the game. Go Cowboys

Jerry Jones
I have been a cowboy fan my whole life, every since I was old enough to say star. I will always be a cowboy fan but you guys are making it hard to be. This week you need to tell all the players that there jobs are all up for grabs. Make them want to play if they don't make them sit. I don't care who they are. I just hope Austin and Dez Bryant don't want to leave after this sorry display of playing from their team mates.
Forever a Cowboy fan

Dear Jerry,
We love you. We don't mind having the most embarassing team in the history of the NFL. It is only about YOU, Jerry, our beloved "Wizard of Oz". Football is just a game... It is YOU that deserves our affection, you and your wonderful Jerry World. What a man! God, how we admire and worship you and all of your benevolence. The Dallas area has been blessed with the Rangers and the Mavericks. We don't need football success... JUST JERRY!!!! -one of "Jerry's Kids"

I grew up with the Cowboys, I have always referred to the Cowboys as MY DALLAS COWBOYS, I love Jerry Jones, I was very happy to see Tom Landry go because he had lost his way. The NFL has changed and Landry lost his edge. I loved Jimmy Johnson and Parcells, I have been on board with Wade but now clearly see the Cowboys are not prepared to play each sunday. Garrets play calling is just horrible, he is clearly not a play caller in this league. Jerry I live in houston now and it is very embarrassing to be laughed at daily for wearing my cowboy apparrel.
Jerry I will not bash you because I love what you have done with the cowboys and I believe in your heart you love the Cowboys. But they are not ready to play Jerry. Its time to right the ship. Jerry in the draft next year we need a BigTime Running Back and an offensive line.
Asshamed in Houston.

"It's not the players, coach, or GM. Bad football will continue in Dallas as long as Jones is the owner."

Unless one is a believer in pure karma or curses that just doesn't hold water.

So if, say, Nolan Ryan bought the 'boys and left JJ as GM, Cupcake as HC, etc etc....we'd maybe be 6-1 instead of 1-6?

No, it IS a combination of players, coaching staff and front office, as as the GM Jerry IS responsible. Now, that doesn't mean he's the only GM who has a lousy team on the field, but ultimately he's at the top of the accountability food chain.

Jerry! Rumor out that Randy Moss has been waived by the Vikes!

Quick! Grab another big name to play in the Death Star!

Bring back Tom L. he can outcoach these clowns in his sleep!

This is the worst that I have seen this. THis is really depressing..but all in all, it falls on the shoulders of the players and their coaching...Sorry Wade...you gots to go..no more conservative play calling..time for some smash mouth football that has given the west coast some meaning..Cmon Gruden...What will it take for you to wear the STAR!

It sucks that we are losing like this and I am totally disappointed. I have actually turned games off because it raised my stress level and I wanted to tear up some sh!t while observing the mistakes and stupidity due to the fact that Dallas is better than what they are playing. Discipline ( the lack there of)...turnovers and penalties, KILLER!!!! Dang it, WE CAN WIN!!! I think a new head coach is needed but I would prefer WADE as the defensive coach for the Cowboys. Jason 'GOTS' to go...

Jerry... I have been a DIE Hard fan since 1973,I have never been so embarassed to be wearing the star.When you let Jimmy Johnson go we have never been the same team.YOU need to make a change and that change is you,you are a business man and right now the business is operating in the RED. We deserve better than this and so do you.

I want Cower or Gruden. This team is SLOPPY and UNDISIPLINED! Either one of these coaches will right 4 YEARS of rediculous coaching choices.
JERRY....c'ome on man!

Jerry would be fine as GM if he was willing to give the reins to a solid coach who will stand up to him. He had one, got caught up in who got the credit and ran him off. BAD DECISION. Jerry knows what he needs to do but will his ego allow him to do it?

It's not the players, coach, or GM. Bad football will continue in Dallas as long as Jones is the owner. Just get used to it.

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