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November 02, 2010

Jerry Jones on radio: No to Moss, no to making feel good move with Wade Philips

Jerry Jones continues to stand by coach Wade Phillips, saying getting rid of him will just be a temporary feel good mood.
He said both are in it together and there was no "Come to Jesus" meeting with Phillips on Monday.
He is still embarrassed and disappointed in this season and reiterated his apology to the fans for the Cowboys debacle.
Jones congratulated the Rangers on their dream season of reaching the World Series for the first time.  But he said he never thought getting close is where the Cowboys need to be. He said his style is do everything at all times to win a world title.
Jones said he would even sacrifice a year to get the Cowboys in the best position to win it _ which might be his best reason to stick with Phillips and improve the team's fundamentals at this point before making a coaching change in the offseason.
Jones was asked if the Cowboys had any interest in receiver Randy Moss, who was waived by the Vikings. Jones said the Cowboys will pass on Moss again as he is happy and satisfied with the team's current receivers.


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With no games in 2011 a head coach becomes unnecessary.

Wade can fill that job description very well.

i have this feeling that wade will be here next year too!!!!

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