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November 01, 2010

Phillips looked, acted like a defeated coach who knows the end is near

Jerry Jones continues to insist he will not make a move with head coach Wade Phillips.

At some point he may not have a choice.

What's certain is that Phillips had the look, demeanor and body language of an exasperated coach who knows the end is near.

 "Well I’m distraught to say the least, it was embarrassing the way we played, the way we coached, we didn’t give ourselves a chance to win the game," Phillips said. " It's  very painful at this point in the season to be where we are, I thought we would come out and really play with a lot of passion and so forth."

Phillips was downright dumbfounded by the play of his defense, which was gashed in the air and on the ground by the Jaguars. Quarterback David Garrard was almost perfect with four touchdown passes and rushing touchdown. Maurice Jones Drew became the fourth back in the last five games to rush for over 100 yards.

"Defensively we didn’t stop them, we had some opportunities and really made some poor plays," Phillips said. "Every time they ran a trick play they made it, a lot of the things we worked on they made, we didn’t stop the run game well enough."

Phillips was asked if had lost the team. Normally positive and up beat, Phillips had a very telling answer in that he didn't respond with a definitive yes.

"I hope not," Phillips said. "We fought all the way the other games but this game it just got away from us and we couldn’t get it back. Part of it was execution being able to come back or stop them when you get them down there or if they get a turnover stopping them right there. Those kind of things but part of it is execution on those plays to do that.  I look at a lot defensively, a lot of the basic things that we’ve worked on, they scored on and that’s what bothers me."

Phillips was brought to Dallas to fix the defense. It is broken again. He knows it and has no idea how to fix it.



Clarence E. Hill Jr 



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So yes there is more change to come in my life, more routines that need to be created. NO NO NO, not the Parliament lights but instead school and a new desire to SUCK IT UP and make it through this entry level position that I arrive at before the crack of dawn so that I can leave as the sun is setting. (yes another habit and work ethic problem I have)

Yes this only child is drowning in change, when all I really want is a Sunday on a couch with some bad tv and maybe 4 or 5 hours of sleep.

Wish me luck, and keep ya posted ....

Hold on there Flex. Bringback the Flex whatever that actually means. Do you really, truly believe that Bill Cowher is a "bad coach." Are you F..... serious man??? Who drafted Big Ben, Polamalu, DL members, Burress, Hines Ward etc etc??? Who Jerry Jones??? All these guys have won Championships and some e.g Big Ben and Polamalu will go into the HOF, something Witten, Ware and Newman will not even come close to. And what about Ken Wisenhunt and Russ Grimm two of Cowher's former assistants these two almost won a Championship with Arizona??? Yeah they were only proteges of Cowher. Where are the proteges of The Donut or Garrett or GM Gumbo for that matter??? They do not have any purely because they know very little about football. Flex you must be a STOOGE for GM Gumbo. And what of the Donut/Gumbo recent draft picks outside of Dez Bryant who was delivered to the team by all the others??? Of the past two drafts how many productive contributors are there??? hardly none the way I see it. Finally Cowher won regualrly with a roster littered by average and no name players. Heck he even got QB Neil O'Donnell to a Super bowl!!! That is on the coaching and one wonders how far Bill Cowher could actually take Tony Romo.

Bud Adams and the Houston Oilers
equal to
Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys

Would Bill Cowher consider coaching for JJ? Bill Cowher has the toughness the Cowgirls need.

the 75,000 dollar fine seemed to clear up head butting, fine these cowboys every time they drop a ball, about 25,000 per, and they will learn real fast, double the price the next week if they do it again, they will learn a lot faster, roy and miles would probably owe jerry and rightfully so, it is not wades fault these guys drop the ball, OH! and when our quarterback gets touched in any way , the o line should each put up 25,000 and that will cure that!!!

One time during the game Wade kinda rolled his eyes and looked up. I wonder if he was thinking how nice it would be to be sitting at his Mamas table eating a big slice of apple pie with vanilla Blue Bell on top of it.

You guys crack me up. Wade has overseen 2 division titles in 3 years, and has coached the defense up to top level. This is a bad frustrating year. But if you're going to say that this is all Wade's fault and he should go, then you can't ask for Cowher or Gruden to come in. They both SUCKED in their last year at coaching.

Gruden took a SB team and never won another playoff game. Cowher took a SB team and made it 8-8 the next year.

If you're going to say that Wade is bad because of this year then Gruden and Cowher have to be considered the same - bad coaches who couldn't get good teams to play well.

...And so forth.

As an Eagles fan, you have no idea how much this all pleases me to behold. :)

He's been done since before training camp. If he had an ounce of integrity he would resign rather than continuing to suck up a paycheck. Of course, nothing will improve as long as the owner remains.

this team is a disgrace and needs to send this week's paycheque to their favourite charity

Wade is a good man who man one devastating decision in his coaching career--working for Jerry Jones.

Another example of Wade NOT being a good defensive coordinator either! We already know he's a weak excuse for a "head" coach. But this train wreck it not Wade's fault. The total blame and burden of this awful team sits on the shoulders of Jerry Jones. Season ticket holders should sue for a refund of their investment!!!

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