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November 10, 2010

Surprise, Surprise: T.O. defends Wade Phillips, rips Jason Garrett

Terrell Owens takes Wade Phillips’ side and says Garrett won’t get on the job done on Versus’ T.Ocho Show.  This was from Tuesday night’s episode. 



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T.O. has put up record numbers for Cincy the past five games and they're 0-5 during that stretch. What does that tell us about T.O.'s career. He has produced great numbers over the years at the team's expense because QB's feel so much pressure to get him involved and keep him from running his yapper that the rest of the offense becomes uninvolved. Great for T.O. Bad for the teams winning percentage.

Wow, the guy who rides the bike all through training camp defending the coach who takes it easy in practice. Shocking.

@danny...that's a good point but then some of those 45pts came as a result of turnovers by the offense -- which scored one whole touchdown itself.

But you know there's bad blood at work because when he was here, Owens thought Garrett and Romo were freezing him out on touches by throwing more to Witten and, unlike Parcells, good ol' Wade let Terrell run his mouth all he wanted on the subject. Finally, Jerry had to step in and make the locker room "more Romo friendly" by cutting Owens loose.

More unbiased in-depth analysis from T.O. You can almost see both his brain cells working overtime behind his eyes.

Wow!!! What a discussion considering Monday Night !!!

T.O. is such a dumb ass his agruement make no sense, the defense gave up 45 points, so should the offense have scored 46 points, glad that guy is some one else's problem.

Fortunately, nobody gives a rat's a$$ what Terrell Owens says anymore.

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