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November 25, 2010

This and that


*Running back Marion Barber left in the fourth quarter with a left calf injury. Barber, who had 19 yards on 10 carries, had his leg wrapped.

*The Cowboys are 1-5 at home this season after going 7-2, including a wild-card victory over the Eagles, at Cowboys Stadium last season.

*Jason Garrett won both of his challenges. The first negated a Saints touchdown after replays showed receiver Devery Henderson was down by contact at the Dallas 6. The second overturned a Miles Austin fumble after replays showed the Cowboys receiver was down before he lost the ball.

*The Cowboys had only three rushing touchdowns in the first 10 games. They had run on Thursday. It was the first time they had scored three rushing touchdowns in a game since the 2009 season opener against the Giants.

*DeMarcus Ware had a sack, giving him 9.5 for the season.

-- Charean Williams


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This is part of the problem......he is content in that he feels he is "doing his job". Anthony, Look in the mirror, shave that silly beard off your face and tell yourself that just maybe, your teammates and coaches want and expect you to be more then "just a guy"! Time to step it up son!!

Wade Phillips shows his true self. The soft headed fool who did less with more than not just any coach the Dallas Cowboys
ever had, but probably in the history of the NFL, compares himself favorably to none other than the man whose statue will stand
at the foot of every house the Dallas Cowboys will ever play. The architect of the flex defense. The man who won 20 playoff games
and took the team to 11 conference title games and 5 Super Bowls.
Wade Phillips, the winner of ONE playoff game, compares himself to (I can hardly stand to write this) The legendary man in the
funny hat, Tom Landry.
It truly sickens my stomach. If I ever had one shred of respect for this supposedly good man, there is nothing but disgust now.
If it were up to me, I would see him in stocks by Landry’s statue for every home game left this year.
His family should have him committed. My God.

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