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November 29, 2010

Tony Romo throws at practice

Quarterback Tony Romo threw at practice with his teammates for the first time since suffering a fractured clavicle against the Giants Oct. 25. Romo just had shorts and a t-shirt on. He was not dressed for a full work out. But the fact that he was out there throwing is a positive sign. Romo is still not expected to be ready for at least another two or three games. But his presence and his attitude give credence to the notion that Romo will try to get back on the field this season.

Clarence E. Hill Jr.



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some people dont know anything about football their just armchair quarterbacks you big balooka!

to bad we didn;t take vick when we had the chance

Still talking about 2008 when he redeemed himself last year. Just another critic reaching for stuff. I think people blame romo for the cowboys losing on Thursday.

Are you crazy? Remember the debacle a few years ago at philly? Romo threw everyone under the bus including Garret, he took no responsibility for his terrible play in another big game! Romo is nothing more than another Danny White and that is an insult to White, at least White won several playoff games. I agree with Johnny, trade him while people still think he's good, oh wait wasn't there a players pole before he got hurt and the players rated him as the second most overrated player in the NFL right behing T.O.

You are a fool for thinking that Romo is any type of a problem for the Cowboys. He's been very successful, especially for being under the creampuff, Wade Phillips. Great Coaching is what has been missing from this team and it appears that they may just have it (still to early to tell though).


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