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November 08, 2010

Why Paul Pasqualoni is best in-house candidate

There has been no move on Wade Phillips yet. But it's clear that if they do make a change and the Cowboys look in-house for a temporary replacement, the best option is defensive line coach Paul Pasqualoni.

According to a source, Pasqualoni is the least controversial of the current staffers because he has been a head coach before and because he is tough on the players.

The same can't be said of offensive coordinator Jason Garrett.

Special teams coach Joe Decamillis would be a good option. However his units are struggling as much as any this season.



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It's a code word we use to positively identify you in case you lose your passbook or there is some other need for positive identification .


Don Pasqualoni will be gone soon and good riddens. Sparano, after selling fish & chips, axed Don Pasqualoni after his defense gave up a record 149 points in the fourth quarter with the Fishmongers in Miami. Repeat: 149 total points sacrificed at the end of every game. Pasqualoni is a complete malacca.

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RAs I watched the newsconference on sports southwest I couldnot believe the spineless reporters we have in the DFW area. Only one female reporter had the guts to even come close to asking that goofball if he would stepaside for the good of the organization. What happened to real newspeople like Jim TRINKLE AND BLACKIE SHERROD?

After yesterday's complete destruction, Pasqualoni, may be the ONLY viable HC candidate that still has any interest in taking over this Cowboys team. I bet his Wife probably doesn't want it for him now though. She probably sees the destruction, the utter loss of control, the demoralizing Hillbilly stupidity that owns and controls this team behind the Oz curtain and doesn't want her Husband's career utterly torpedoed here.

Unless Cowher or Gruden want to expend the monumental effort needed to totally rebuild this team from the ground up with a nutty Hillbilly yapping at them in the background, I don't see them as being interested any longer in the Cowboys HC job. Plus, they may not want the added, unnecessary limitless weight of Jerry Jones on their back while attempting a rebuild.

J. Jones only choice may be to find a successful High School head coach willing to trade total control for money in order to take the symbolic Cowboys HC mantle. I don't see any top notch College HC or former NFL HC wanting this job any longer. This job has turned into being only a guard in a Siberian prison with Godzilla continuously breathing fire down the back of your neck.

You will not have the power to hire your own staff. You will not have the power to draft your own players. You will not have the power to sign elite free agent players. You will have to accept a meddling owner who's at every practice pretending he’s coaching the team over your head. You will have to accept taking the ultimate blame for losses and giving the owner ultimate credit for the wins. You will have to accept your players going over your head to the owner whenever they disagree with you on anything whatsoever. You will have no real control over the players, the coaching staff, the media, or the outcome of games.

You can put a picture of your choice (G rated of course) on the wall in your cubicle, but, you absolutely must have a pic of the owner on your wall or else. You can secretly stuff a sandwich of your choice into your cheek pouch, chipmunk style, at your desk while the owner is out to lunch and can’t see your bad table manners. You can sheepishly wave at the window cleaner as he cleans the windows near your desk knowing full well you are as powerless to control even tiny processes and outcomes in Cowboys world as he is.

The players want out. The media wants out. The fans want out. The coaches want out. Who does that leave as the ultimate reason why? You guessed it.


Couldn't agree more. I'm not sure Jason Garrett has the personality to be a head coach. He seems like more of an X's and O's guy (although I don't see the offensive brilliance some other teams are showing). DeCamillis? Special teams have been and continue to be a major problem this year. If he can't fix that, how can he hope to coach the whole team? Pasqualoni seems to be a much better choice overall.

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