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December 07, 2010

Despite injury, Cowboys plan to continue to use Dez Bryant on returns

Dez Bryant to continue returning kicks
That rookie sensation Dez Bryant was injured on a kickoff return only renews the debate of whether the Cowboys should risk such a valuable player by using him in special teams.
The rookie receiver is out for the season after suffering a fractured right fibula on a kickoff return in the fourth quarter of Sunday's 38-35 overtime victory against the Colts. He underwent surgery on Monday and will require three to four months of rehab.
It's a prime example why many star players are not used on returns.  Interim coach Jason Garrett understands that. But he says Bryant is too valuable on returns not to use him there. It's also one of the reasons why the Cowboys drafted him in the first round.
“Dez has a unique ability as a returner,” Garrett said. “We want to take full advantage of that. You never want to put guys in precarious positions, but that’s a part of what he does.”
Bryant ranked third in the NFL with a punt return average of 14.3 yards. He is one of just two players to return to punts for touchdowns season. He averaged  24.4 yards on 12 kickoff returns this season _ one that is now over. 
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I agree with you--speed doesn't guarantee anything in the NFL. And more spinters have failed than succeeded in the NFL. I was just saying "Give the Guy a looksee to see what he can do". If he fails, he fails. Can't be any worse than what they are currently doing. And they might possibly find a long term solution at kick and punt returner.

Oh yeah, get a better defense, and he won't have to return very many kickoffs.

Speed doesn't guarantee anything. Lots of world class sprinters failed miserably in the nfl. Vision, strength and great instincts has just as much to do with successful returns. Great returns change field position and momentum in games, not to mention the; He----could----go----all----the----way. He's too young to get 'tired' anyways.

I think maybe punts only next year--punt returners take fewer BIG hits, plus we don't want Dez worn out on returns so it affects his WR productivity.

I heard that Teddy Williams on your practice squad is also a world class sprinter. Why not use him to return kickoffs and punts? I bet if this guy finds a little seam on a kickoff he's gone. Who in the NFL is gonna catch a legit 9.9 sprinter? Darrell Green is retired remember? Oh, yeah I get that T. Williams might be a fumbler. Anyone might fumble at any time. I'd roll the dice with that kind of speed. Look where that kind of speed got us with Bullet.

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