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December 29, 2010

Hard to read Andy

Given the choice between talking to visiting media or having major dental surgery with no anesthetic, Andy Reid likely would have chosen the latter on Wednesday.

Reid was clearly still suffering from the Philadelphia Eagles’ poor performance against the Minnesota Vikings on Tuesday night. The Eagles lost the game, 24-14, and also lost a chance for a first round playoff bye.

Reid sounded like he labored answering every question, and a good example of his enthusiasm, or lack of, came when he was asked about playing a young, inexperienced quarterback like Stephen McGee.

The Eagles lost to a Vikings team playing  third team quarterback Joe Webb, so Reid had fresh perspective. Reid and Texas A&M coach Mike Sherman are friends, so Reid said:

“I know McGee because of Texas A&M. That’s how I know him. One of my close friends is his coach. That part I do know. I had a chance to watch him. I know he’s a tremendous athlete. I think he has a bright future. We will have to be ready to go there.”

And what did Sherman say about McGee?

“He liked him,” Reid said. “Basically what I just told you there.”

Tremendous athlete who played for a friend. Bright future. So says Andy Reid.

-- Jan Hubbard



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