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December 28, 2010

Jerry Jones expects Cowboys to be playoff team next year

A year after declaring the Cowboys a Super Bowl contender only to finish at the bottom of the NFC East and end up firing his coach, owner Jerry Jones expects his team to be contending for a playoff spot.

That's Jones expectations for 2011. That's why Jones wants to make he hires the right coach so the Cowboys can hit the ground running. He said many teams have made worst to first runs in the NFL and he believes the talent is still here to do it.

"Yes. I certainly do," Jones said.  Let me be clear about that. I’m not even letting you get your question out. I certainly do think that we have the ability based on what I’ve seen other teams do, what I’ve seen us do, I certainly think we can hit the ground running. With a quarterback like (Tony) Romo, I think we can. We’ve got under a certain scenario here approaching, we’ve got the ability to hit the ground running."


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What's Jerry supposed to say? We're an awful team and its all my fault? You know his ego will never admit failure or he would have years ago. No way this team makes the playoffs next year because first, they DON'T have the talent and second, Jerry can't keep his hand out of the coaching "pie" to let a real coach lead the team. Same old same old.

Jerry still committed to the 3-4 defense? This joke of a 3-4? Why not? He always commits to that which does not work. The fact is, Jerry is a "me too" owner. He has to fall back on imitating what winning teams are doing because he just down't know to win, or how to build and manage a winner.

When McNabb and Culpepper came into the league, Jerry said "me too" and went and reached for Quincy Carter because he thought the running black quarterback was going to be the wave of the future. When a couple of teams won Superbowls with the 3-4, again Jerry shouts "me too" and goes out and hires Big Bill and later on, Wade Phillips. In both cases, it was disaster.

The Cowboys used to be innovators. Everyone else used to imitate them! Now, they're just imitators trying to copy what the successful teams are doing.

It's why Jerry will never sniff another Super Bowl in his lifetime. He's too busy copying while everyone else is innovating.

We can all rest soundly now that JERRY has spoken from on high. Super Bowl here we come! Jerry is going to hire the next "right" coach after his last "right" coach was an utter head coaching disgrace. Jerry has to believe that he has the talent in place because he is responsible for it! He will never be accountable for what he has done to the Cowboys organization until he is hit with something that will really shock him. EMPTY SEATS at Cowboys stadium! Quit being "Cow Sheep"! Boycott Cowboy's stadium next season!

I am tired of this type of platitude from Jones. He can't even speak in complete sentences, that are understandable, and he always says "we have the talent to be a contender"....

We need a different approach here.

He has been saying the same thing since he let Jimmy Johnson go. We can expect the the same under achieving squad next year because we will still have the same GM.

There's no way in hell that the 'Boys will make it to the Superbowl again until hell freezes over and Jones hires a qualified GM. Everything else is an exercise of futility.

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