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December 28, 2010

Jones still shocked by the play of the defense but remains committed to a 3-4

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said the biggest surprise to him this season is how bad the defense has played. The Cowboys defense is on pace to set records for most yards and most points allowed in club history. Jones hired Wade Phillips four years ago to fix the defense and now he's gone and the defense is broken worst than its ever been.

"It’s inconceivable candidly that we have our defensive issues that we have this year," Jones said. "I wouldn’t have thought it. It was frankly, to me we were in much better shape there. But you could say that about the overall team. Still, I thought all along our whole strategy with Wade as head coach was we’ve got a really outstanding defensive coordinator and I wouldn’t say that he’s not. But the entire strategy was based upon being really sound on defense. We drafted toward that defensive team strongly. I’m going to use the plusses we’ve got over there and the foundation that we’ve got, the system we’re in. I’m going to use that to getting us back up and running quick."

 Jones, however, said he committed to running the 3-4 defense and will choose a coordinator for next season accordingly.

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Jerry Jones needs to let his new GM and head coach determine what defensive scheme needs to be implemented. The best defensive scheme in the Jones era has been the 4-3 that Jimmy Johnson put together. Jones has got to realize that being in GM requires more intellect than putting a Papa Johns commercial together! I am totally onboard with Jennifer our "Little Ball of Hate"!

Jerry Jones has lost his mind. Doesn't he remember that he won "HIS" three Super Bowl championships running the 4-3 defense? What ever happened to his stated belief that "winning is the name of the game"? I suppose it was eaten away by his unbelievable arrogance. Cowboy fans, if you ever want this man to do the right thing again, BOYCOTT Cowboys Stadium next season!

Wouldn't a better approach be to have a Coach (and ideally a new General Manageer) evaluate the personnel and determine the best scheme to run? Why does Jones feel that he should pick the defensive scheme......?

So much for having a Coach with influence in 2011.....

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