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December 13, 2010

Linebacker Keith Brooking plans to play at least one more season


 Linebacker Keith Brooking has heard all the talk about his age and the possibility of rookie Sean Lee replacing him in the starting lineup next season.

Brooking, 35, his main focus getting healthy and finishing out the final three games. But he says he no plans of retiring and plans to play at least one more season. Kitna has one year left on his contract with the Cowboys. 

“I feel I can play until I’m 36 right now,” Brooking said. “The eye in the sky doesn’t lie.”

 Clarence E. Hill Jr.



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Finish up your contract. 1 thing i know about brooking is he has never quit. And can still lead by example. Hopefully he can become r linebackers coach after next yr.

Brooks is a man's man. If he wants to play another year so be it. But, he needs to do it as Lee's backup and coach. Brooks needs to become more of a player-coach type next year. Then when Grandpa turns 37, he can become an assistant coach for the 'Boyz.

I believe in this brooksy guy. He knows what's what. He beat up that whimp media guy that cohosts his TV/radio show because he knows that media whimps don't know squat about what it's like to be a player in the NFL. So he was gonna oblige this media whimp and tackle him right on camera when the media whimp started questioning his playing style, preparation style and integrity as a player. You don't do that to Brook--he gives 100% on every play and in practice.

That's why I think he will make a great football coach at any level he chooses to coach in--High School, college, or NFL. He's smart and he gives 100% in everything he does.

Brooksy, just don't go running thru the village like the Frankenstein Monster, roaring and scaring the women and children. Put your baseball cap on, get a steel whistle, and pick up a clipboard.

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