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December 07, 2010

RB Lonyae Miller makes biggest play of game, earns "attaboy"

  Running back Lonyae Miller earns ''attaboy"

Linebacker Lee Sean Lee had two interceptions, including one returned for a touchdown and one that led to a game winning field goal in the 38-35 victory against the Colts. David Buehler made the game winning field goal from 38 yards out.
But the single biggest play in the game, according to coach Jason Garrett, was a fumble recovery by running back Lonyae Miller with 21 seconds left in the fourth quarter. If not for Miller the Colts would have had a chance to win the game in regulation.
As on the kickoff following the Colts final touchdown, rookie cornerback Bryan McCann fumbled the ball. It would have been a chip-shot field goal for Adam Vinatieri, one of the league's best clutch kickers, if the Colts somehow got the ball. But Miller, who was playing in his first career game after being called up from the practice squad, pounced on the ball. Lee would have never gotten a chance for his second interception and Buehler would have never lined up for the game-winning kick if it wasn't for Miller.
“I can't think of a more significant play in the game, to be honest with you,” Garrett said. “When you go about it the right way and you're hustling to the football and the ball comes out you're able to get in there and make a play like that, it's a game changer. I think our team understands that. Lonyae got his first opportunity to be an active player this past week and he took advantage of it.”
Miller was given a special teams’ "attaboy" award from Garrett.
Clarence Hill


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Miller might be the one to replace Choice on special teams to keep JJ happy. JJ's just a fan like all of us. He's entitled to his opinions. If he doesn't like Choices' special teams play, so be it. But don't meddle in the team and force coaches to keep Choice from playing RB on the O. I and millions of other fans have been saying it for years JJ--please stop meddling so much in the 'Boyz on-the-field affairs. That's what the coaches are for. You can criticize and praise from the skybox, but, don't power-bomb your coaches legs out from under them. It confuses your players.

Garrett looks like a strong personality. I hope he realizes that JJ is just another 'Boyz fan (albeit, an 800lb gorilla-in-the-room fan) and takes JJ's coaching advice with a grain of salt.

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