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December 29, 2010

Reid says he hasn't decided whether to play Vick

After Tuesday night's loss to the Vikings, the Eagles suddenly have nothing to play for Sunday against the Cowboys. It seems likely that the Eagles will play Kevin Kolb at quarterback for most, if not all, of Sunday's game. The Eagles could rest other starters besides Vick, too.

But in a conference call with reporters at Valley Ranch, Eagles coach Andy Reid said he has not made up his mind about who will -- or won't -- play against the Cowboys.

"I’ve been on both ends of that," Reid said. "I’ve rested guys before and lost and gone on to the playoffs and done OK. And then played them and lost. I’ve had both experiences. Any game we go into, obviously we want to win. That’s the way we will approach it this week. We’re going to approach it like we want to play very well against the Dallas Cowboys and do our best to win the football."

The Eagles are locked into the third seed and will play the first weekend -- Jan. 8-9. The league is expected to give them a Sunday game since they played a postponed game against the Vikings last night. That means Philadelphia will have three games in 13 days.

Vick was banged up against the Vikings, limping off at the end of the game.

"He hurt his quad a little bit," Reid said. "If we had to play today, he probably wouldn’t be able to do it. By Sunday, he should be able to function pretty good."

Kolb began the season as the Eagles' starter. He could end the regular as the starter, too. With Vick hobbled, the Eagles offensive line not playing well, and the game having been rendered "meaningless", it seems pointless for the Eagles to even think about subjecting Vick to unnecessary hits.

-- Charean Williams



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