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January 29, 2011

Cowboys' 2010 season 'worst one we've had,' Stephen Jones says

Yahoo!Sports columnist Michael Silver interviewed Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones in the leadup to North Texas' Super Bowl, and found that Jones is more than a little down about the 2010 season.

“In the 21 years we’ve had it, I’d say it’s the worst one we’ve had,” Jones is quoted as saying. “We’ve had bad teams that didn’t do well, but maybe you had that feeling going in. This year, we were so hopeful about our chances, and there we were at 1-5 with no quarterback and pretty much knowing where we’d end up.”

“We had such high expectations for this team – and that’s why this is the toughest season we’ve had. The overwhelming thing you think about is what went wrong. And to sit there and have to chew on that, there’s not a lot of happiness.”


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Too many people live too much in the past. The past must be a springboard, not a sofa.

It's really what I like about fast food burgers. The meat is not livery.

the dallas organization has had high expectations since parcells left. The truth of the matter is that they are not all that good.Paper lions!! They havent done squat and it will take more then a new stadium to get you back in the dance .dallas will only see superbowls when city host them

I agree 100%.But don't think that is going to happen.Jery is a controll freak and thats will hurt us

Cody, you are the only one that got it right. I hated them hiring wade, and still am sick to my stomach to see a great team destroyed systematically by wade and jones. I would have fired him too on that wimpy loss to the giants, and even in the off season of his last year... as he said... 'things will change' to try and make it seem he'd be a tougher coach... i was asking for him to be fired. Jones, thinks he is greater than football and clearly doesn't care if the Cowboys win or not. Had he cared. the 'Boys would have two more rings, and we'd have a serious coach running things, as well as someone else (anyone!!!) as a GM. Garret has an uphill battle, as long as Jones is still around. Probably the stupidest owner there is in the league. Jimmy Johnson, would still have an excellent team running.

my first and last time reading comments on this site...guess I thought KNOWLEDGEABLE people posted...obviously not. Have never seen so many posts from people that have know idea what they were talking about. Yes, Wade needed to go..he had lost the team. But Cam Newton or any oter QB in this draft is NOT the anwer...Romo is one of the better QBs in the league, and those of you who say other wise simply dont know football, and dont get it. The Cowbosy WILL WIN with Romo, and will winn again with Jerry running the show. Nobody wants to win more than he does....lets just hope he doesnt start taking advise from car salesmen, cashiers, Burger King managers, or whatever it is you people do....GET A CLUE...

I for one, no longer believe anything Jerry or Stephen have to say. They both have absolutely no business running this team. Hiring Phillips was proof of that. Defense is atroious, offense is lazy and dumb and the coaches aren't qualified to handle pee wee football. Jerry will continue it run this team and we will continue to be the laughing stock of the NFL. Jerry doesn't care about winning he cares about how many cameras are on him. My prediction for 2011. 5-11 bank on it.

Hope Stephen can get his hard headed father, Jerry,to get with the program and do what the Packers and Steelers did a few years ago. Quit trying to win with mirages and get yourself a true franchise quarterback in the draft by using that first round pick on Cam Newton. Do that and we will finally HAVE arrived with the rest of the NFL...

Stephen, PLEASE take over the ENTIRE Cowboy operation and let your dad do what he does best... MARKETING the team.

Wow! Stephen sure knows how to dis his quarterbacks. Ugh, Stephen, we had no quarterback when we were 1-4 BEFORE Tony 'Willie Beamen' Romo went down!!

Draft a QUARTERBACK this year or Next ! PLEASE !!!!!

Steven, please take over. The big picture is, the Cowboys suck and are not close. Austin in the Pro Bowl is a joke, he had more drops than TO. He has more phony parts than Kim K. He is what he is, a third receiver and lucky to be that. Romo will never finish a complete season again. Danny White was way better.

They already screwed up Dez, who thinks he is more than the team. Get tough, hard nosed players who hit. DBs are whussies. O Line is so old and The Boys have a terrible record of talent evaluation. I would want to pick after them in every draft.

Super Bowls, ha, this team has more needs than the Dallas ISD.

Maybe it's not all about the drafting (sure some bad picks but every team does that) but what is done after drafting. For example look at New England. They always have lower draft picks and college free agents that come in and make a sizable impact on the team. Maybe we should place most of the blame on not being able to 'coach them up' instead of not being able to draft them.

i think stephen will make the call on romo. romo has been the face of this franchise since 2006, when he took over for bledsoe; since that time romo has won the franchise one playoff game. romo has been in the nfl since 2003, he had the luxary of sitting for almost 3 seasons before being the starter. romo has been to 3 pro bowls and has the impact of a danny white. it's time for the cowboys to draft one of the top 4 qb's @ # 9 and allow the new quarterback to sit and learn what it means 2 b a dallas cowboy, then u will c super bowls and winning super bowls aka big ben 4 pittsburgh.

Are you kidding me? This has NOTHING to do with Wade Phillips and EVERYTHING to do with Jerry 'Al Davis Jr' Jones.. for the first two posters.. PLEASE get a grip.

It has EVERYTHING to do with the inability to draft players. Drafting players way out of turn [Quincy Carter?... Felix Jones?... he WAS a backup in college and NOT a 1st round pick].

This family has drug this franchise through the mud and as long as they continue to make money they will continue to run a crappy organization.

Their newest 'puppet' will fail. Watch and see..

Look back to 2009 when the Cowboys were in danger of missing the playoffs and Wade "Cupcake" Phillips was again on the hotseat. The 'Boys went into N.O., got a big win and won the NFC East at 11-5. They then beat the Eagles for the third time to win their first playoff game in like forever. However, they got absolutely blown out at Minnesota in the divisional playoff game.

Stephen Jones can ask "what happened" but it's obvious to me and thousands of other Cowboys followers. Wade Phillips happened. That loss to Minnesota was more representative of where he had "led" this team than the 11-5 record and the win over the Eagles and the over-the-hill Donovan McNabb.

Wade Phillips was a bad hire made even worse by the refusal to fire him. He should have been canned after that 2007 playoff loss to the Giants and his mealy-mouth response to it. He was nothing but an excuse-making puppet for Jerry Jones. He is still making excuses for his failures in Dallas sayint in his Houston press conference that it was all a matter of perception. No matter that he has only won 1 playoff game in his head-coaching career with 5 different teams. (Why would anyone supposedly knowledgeable about the NFL give Cupcake a fifth head coaching chance?)

I am so glad that he is gone.

Hey Stephen your not the only one chewing on that record worst year. I can only see us going onward and upward this year. Oh yea, Grats Miles on making the pro bowl!!!

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