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January 24, 2011

Current assistants have to like this

There was some thought that after a poor performance in certain areas, Cowboys assistant coaches might be in danger of losing their jobs. Not so. 

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones met with local media at the Senior Bowl North practice in Mobile, Ala., on Monday and addressed the coaching issue. The Cowboys need to hire assistants to coach the wide receivers, the defensive line, linebackers and assist with the offensive line. The first thing Jones said was there is no timetable to complete the staff.

“We’ve got plenty of time this off-season," he said. "There  is no timetable, but it’s certainly not imminent. . . . We’ve got a lot of coaches that are here [at the Senior Bowl] that want to be talked to about jobs.  As you know, this is kind of a coaching job fair.”

Jones was asked if one of the current assistants is in Mobile, does it mean his job is safe?

“I think the fact that they’re here at this time tells you what Jason [Garrett] feels about them," Jones said. 'I think that’s safe to say.”

So are there any assistants who are not here? “No," he said, "or certainly won’t eventually be here. I don’t know if everyone got in yet.”

Jones addressed a number of issues in a half hour meeting with North Texas area media. Among them:

-- The Steelers and Packers meeting in the Super Bowl.

 “Great tradition; outstanding teams,” Jones said. “I had hoped it would be a matchup that would be notable and in its own way. With what the Packers are about and what the Steelers are about, it makes a great game.”

-- But is there a "but" in there. “ I’d like to have been the first and only team ever to have played in their own [stadium in the] Super Bowl,” Jones said, “but I knew the odds on that one.”

-- On tackle Flozell Adams, who was released by the Cowboys after last season, returning to play with Steelers in the Super Bowl. “He’s earned that. He was an outstanding player, outstanding individual. . . . I’m proud for him. Obviously, I wish he could have gone as a Cowboy, but I’m glad he got in. He deserves that.”

-- On expectations for the No. 9 pick in the draft. “I think that we should expect immediate contribution from that first pick at that level.”

-- On the Cowboys’ greatest need with that No. 9 pick. “You look at numbers, you’ve got five positions on the offensive line and certainly that gives you a chance to address that area because of the numbers of players that you play in that unit.”

 -- Jones said he believes the Cowboys are strong at the skill positions of quarterback, wide receiver and tight end. Despite falling from seventh in 2009 to 16th last season in rushing, Jones also said was pleased with the running backs.

-- In what certainly is at odds with stats, Jones said he was pleased with his cornerbacks and safeties. “Frankly our corners -- if you compare us to other teams across the league --  we’re in good shape at corner. But that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t look at a corner [in the draft]. And safety -- we were strong there last year.” The Cowboys finished 26th in pass defense and allowed 33 passing TDs, which was tied for the most in the league.

-- On Deion Sanders possibly making the Hall of Fame: “I think he could be -- and you can make a good argument -- the best to have played the position. I think it’s noteworthy of the impact he made. At one time he had the most touchdowns per touching the ball of anybody in the National Football League. When he got his hands on it, if anybody could, he could take it to the house.”

-- On Charles Haley possibly making the Hall of Fame: “We used to do player evaluation at the end of the season and Charles may have worn a little thin on the coaches’ skin around there, but we’d be rating the players. . . . and our offensive coordinator [Ernie] Zampese would go in there and he might see Charles at a level . . . and he’d say Charles’ name needs to be eight inches above [Troy] Aikman, or eight inches above the first one on there. He said, ‘The reason I’m saying that is I spent a lot of my career having to account for him as an offensive coordinator, not as a defensive guy.’”

-- Jan Hubbard


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LOL. Strong at Safety. Here we go again. Maybe he's flashing back to the Mid 90s.

Jerry is in a drunken stupor, he thinks his safeties and corners are set...What the hell is he smoking??

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