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January 04, 2011

Garrett sounds like he has long range plans

If you listened to the Jason Garrett press conference on Monday, despite the fact that his elevation to head coach was not official, he certainly sounded like the head coach. A sample of that is to come.

But one of the things Garrett said helped him implement a plan at midseason was that he had gone through interviews for several other jobs, including Atlanta and Baltimore in recent years.

“I thought about it because I was in those situations and you had to express your plan to other people about how you would do things,” Garrett said, “and having gone through that process and having had to articulate that to different people was an important thing for me. Now, it’s different when, ‘OK, now we are on, the game has started’ and you have to try to implement those and you try to implement them as best you can. But I think those interviews that I went through were helpful to me.”

Now here’s where Garrett gives a hint about being certain to be the next Cowboys coach. “I think it’s difficult in the middle of the season to implement everything you want to,” he said. “I think the best thing that our football did was once that decision was made on that Monday afternoon we came in on Wednesday morning and got going in that direction and I give our coaches and players credit for doing that. Obviously, going forward we will continue to implement the changes in regards to the offseason and how we do training camp and some of those things.”

The key words are in italic for emphasis. Sounds like Garrett is planning to stay at Valley Ranch awhile.

-- Jan Hubbard



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Garrett can excel as a Head Coach but the proviso is that you require a top 6 defense to have a top side. Look at Dallas under Jimmy Johnson and St. George under Payton and Williams as the Defensive Co-Ordinator. If GM Gumbo picks the assistants then Garrett will sink. The defense does not need a Barry Bowles or Pasqualoni as its co-ordinator. It needs an experienced thug such as John Fox. Fox is a football guy who could also greatly assist Garrett throughout game time pressures.

Garrett will do great. I know this for a fact. But you are right the GM will try to pull some s&!$ but Garret will ignore it come out on top. GO BOYS!!!!!

Or another view of Mr. Garrett's thoughts, for those less of a conspiratorial bent, is that he is still the interim coach. His job didn't end with the end of regular season games - he's still working in the role. Oo course he has to be forward thinking. Pretty simple really....

I believe Garrett will be a very good head coach in the NFL, however I am not sure it will be with the Cowboys. I am not sure that the idiot of a GM will let him do what needs to be done to make this team a good team.

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