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January 26, 2011

Kerley impressive so far

Jeremy Kerley has continued chasing his dream here this week and he’s thrilled to be getting close to a nice paycheck. The TCU wide receiver-returner and TCU sprinter Krystal Juarez have a two-year old son named Dae’Shone. Going to school, competing in college athletics and raising a child have not been easy, but the money Kerley should get as a projected third- or fourth-round pick will no doubt be put to good use.

“It’s great anticipation,” Kerley said of becoming a pro. “I don’t put I enough time with my son during football so anytime ii can get with him it’s a great time;. Hopefully this experience will be great not only for me but for them too. “

South coach Chan Gailey , the former Cowboys coach now in Buffalo, has been impressed by Kerley’s savvy. “He’s got a pretty good understanding of the game,” Gailey said. “He catches on quickly.”

But Gailey noted at 5-10, 190, Kerley will face tremendous competition for a long-term job.

“He’s got some quickness and some speed that makes him a little unique,” Gailey said. “I’ll be interested to see how he does. 

There are a lot of guys like him. He’s going  to have to be fairly unique to make it. But a couple of the intangibles I’ve seen so far have been positives.”

Kerley is not intimidated by the task.

“You’ve got to take it and run with it,” he said. “Being that there are a lot of guys like you, you’ve got to find something about you that’s a little different, that separates you from other guys. Every time I come out here I try to find something and capitalize on it. I’m excited about this and I come out here every day to work.”

-- Jan Hubbard


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I love your blog very much, more more info, I will concern it again!


I had heard he was interested in doing some minor league baseball and working that farm system up to majors, but I wish him the best if he goes the NFL route. Would love to see him tear it up!

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It's the chant we did for him when he would return punts at TCU. Good luck in the pros Jeremy. We are all rooting for you.

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