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January 04, 2011

McGee gets good marks

We take timeout from the Jason Garrett watch to focus on something Garrett said about Stephen McGee’s performance in the last two games of the season. One thing that Garrett did not say was that in playing, McGee showed that he can be a competent third team quarterback. He is still developing and because the pro system is so different from what he ran at Texas A&M, it’s taken longer for McGee to evolve.

But he is getting better. Another year of backing up Tony Romo and Jon Kitna could result in McGee being able to be No. 2 behind Romo. For now, however, he did give the Cowboys a little more confidence in him, even though he did struggle a bit against the Eagles. This is how Garrett put it:

“I thought he did a lot of good things in the [Philadelphia] game. One of the things you find out in this league is that it is not always easy. There is a quarterback who used to play here that was pretty good and the expression he used to have was, ‘When it’s easy, it’s easy. When it’s tough is when it’s really meaningful and worthwhile.’

“I think you understand if you ever played that position in this league it is not always going to be easy,. How do you handle the tough days? How do you handle the adversity? If it happens, you consistently try to fight through it and give you’re a team a chance to win.

“Now, if you’re talking about Stephen [on Sunday], I think he was able to do that. A lot of other people are involved in doing that. Your defense has to play well. Your defense has to keep the score down and allow you as a quarterback to fight through some of the issues that Stephen had to fight through.

“But he battled. He battled. He did a lot of good things. He’s a mentally tough guy. And I think he showed that. He was finding ways to help us move the football and he made some critical third downs with his feet and then made some big throws at the end of the game to help us win the game.”

-- Jan Hubbard


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I've said it before and I'll say it again....McGee is the best Cowboys QB since Roger Staubach. AND...he'll be the next Cowboys QB to take us to (and win) the Super Bowl!

Gig 'em Stephen!!!

I thought McGee did an adequate job, considering he is the # 3 guy. If memory serves, he did not turn the ball over...and that is critical! The numbers he put up were not flashy but zero turnovers more than make up for everything else.

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