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January 18, 2011

Per vice president Stephen Jones, any reports of the Cowboys thinking about trading Dez Bryant are "totally wrong"

What first started out as a hypothetical on local ESPN radio turned into a quasi story when when ESPN-Dallas reported a member of the Cowboys front offce saying he would think about trading rookie receiver Dez Bryant if they got a first round pick in return.

Well, if you know anything about the Cowboys then you know the only opinions that count in the front office are from owner Jerry Jones and vice-president Stephen Jones.

Those two men have no thoughts or intentions of moving Bryant. 

When asked about the report about Bryant, Stephen Jones sent a reply back saying it was "totally wrong."

And why would they trade Bryant even for a first round pick?

For all the trouble he supposedly caused last season _  at least that's of the point of view of former receiver Patrick Crayton whose shots at Bryant during a radio interview set the wheels in motion for the embellished trade talk _  Bryant is an unquestioned game breaker.

Despite an injured plagued season that began him slowed by an ankle sprain in training camp and ended with him missing the last four games with a broken ankle, he still caught 45 passes for 561 yards and six touchdowns in 12 games. He scored two more touchdowns on punt returns.

For the doom and gloom at Valley Ranch during the team's 6-10 season, Bryant was easily one of the few bright spots.

The Cowboys need to acquire more talent. But they don't need to get rid of any young talent that is as good and as promising as any in the league.

Clarence E. Hill Jr.



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better late than never

The only Receiver that caused any problems last year was Crayton and his mouth before the season started. Thank goodness he's gone.

Clarence, get serious since Cowgirls and Jerry are about as relevant to NFL right now as last year's news. Jerry has to get his name out there along with Cowgirls, so he has paid stooges at ESPN 103.3 start this and get his paid bloggers to promote story on internet. Then issues big statement denying whole thing, VOILA making him and Cowgirls front and center in NFL news cycle.

BUT Hey Suckers, you supported Cowgirls all along with a season ticket, now's your chance to buy four $200 tickets to sit on plaza @ Super Bowl and freeze while Jerry counts your money.

Bryant is a stud and not a rookie. Just look at his work ethic, his physique and his desire. First rate on all counts. Bryant will become a Pro Bowler just let him develop gradually. Get rid of Roy Malacca Uno Uno. He is the one that must be cut and the sooner the better!!!

Wow! it's funny how words always get miss-construed with the media. I mean come-on! anyone with half a brain cell would know how absurd that would be to trade Dez for a first-rounder. The media must be running out of things to discuss.


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