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January 14, 2011

Cowboys and Ryan begin negotiations

Rob Ryan spent a considerable part of the day in Dallas Cowboys offices interviewing for the open defensive coordinator position, and time spent should equate to getting a job.

The Cowboys  obviously liked what they heard from the Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator. Foxsports.com reported Friday evening that the Cowboys have begun formal negotiations to offer Ryan a job.

The Star-Telegram confirmed that there have been negotiations although no deal has been reached.

Ryan, who spent at least six hours at Valley Ranch -- which is longer than previous candidates, was seen in the hallways several times, including twice with head coach Jason Garrett, who was likely escorting him to meet other Cowboys officials. They did not, however, stop to make comments.

The Cowboys may feel like they need to make a quicker decision on Ryan. Two candidates for the job already have taken other positions and a third seems close.

San Francisco 49ers assistant Greg Manusky, who interviewed in Irving on Wednesday, accepted the job as San Diego Chargers defensive coordinator on Friday.

Paul Pasqualoni, who was the Cowboys defensive coordinator the last eight games of the season, returned to college coaching when he accepted the head coaching job at the University of Connecticut on Thursday.

And Stanford assistant Vic Fangio, who interviewed with the Cowboys earlier this week, is apparently going to follow Jim Harbaugh to the San Francisco 49ers 

The Cowboys have received permission to speak with Pittsburgh Steelers secondary coach Ray Horton, but he may not be interviewed if a deal is reached with Ryan.

Ryan is part of the colorful football family led by  father Buddy and twin brother Rex, the coach of the New York Jets.

Rob has coached in the NFL for 12 years, the last two in Cleveland. He also was the Oakland Raiders defensive coordinator for five years.

-- Jan Hubbard and Charean Williams


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Sorrow is hushed into peace in my heart like the evening among

When and what we eat may affect our nighttime rest, if not our tendency toward bad dreams!

I just get all worked up , and I stew around!

As long as Jerry Jones has Head Coach wantabe along with his President and GM title, who in their right mind would even remotely think of coming here player or coach to put up with Jones's crap?

This is a good fit for the defense. He's gonna bring some energy and 3-4 mind. Just hope he can kick the secondary coaches and players asses in the right direction this year. Omg what a joke of a year it was. Here's to a new and better year fans.

A: Is it true that Don got into some trouble at work last week?
B: Yes, he did. He was reproached for not turning in his sales reports, but his secretary went to bat for him.
A: What was she able to do?
B: She helped him out a great deal by admitting that she had misplaced the reports that he gave her to be typed.
A: So, it was her fault, not his.
B: Right.

i think da boys still need 2 bring n ray horton and todd bowles 2 assist ryan on the defensive side of the ball, it would be awesome 2 c da boys incorporate a mixture of steelers and jets, patroits and ravens defense n 2 one scheme. just think of all that energy on that side of the ball with ryan, horton and possibly bowles on garretts coaching staff.

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