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February 13, 2011

Cowboys' new strength coach lost out to Deion in first go-round

The return of Mike Woicik as Cowboys strength coach might be Jason Garrett's attempt to build a bridge to the team intensity the Cowboys had in their Super Bowl days. Or Garrett might be trying to right a wrong.

Wocik was with the Cowboys in the 1990-96 seasons. His firing was thought to be over an incident in which Wocik had a sideline confrontation with Barry Switzer over having Chris Boniol kick a seventh field goal against the Green Bay Packers in a 1996 game that the Cowboys already had won.

But in a 2000 column by the Star-Telegram's Randy Galloway, former Cowboys fullback Daryl Johnston said Woicik was fired mainly over the issue of whether Deion Sanders should be fined for missing conditioning work. Johnston said that Sanders' arrival in 1995 led to the erosion of the Cowboys locker room.


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Thanks very much, I have learned a lot from your post. Well done, really.

I suspect the man who courted Deion Sanders and gave him a $35mil contract (hint: his initials are Jerry Jones) had the final say-so on whether Deion had to work out or not.

the cowboys of the 90s were a greek tragedy...so much guts and glory that just went bad... but everybody on that team deserves some credit and debit (okay, blame) for team going down. but jerry gets biggest share, followed by switser, and .... years later folks will realise what was lost... and some will have no clue or care...

Sanders was a sorry excuse for an NFL player. I don't care how good he was in coverage... a CB who refused to tackle shouldn't go to the HOF....

That's exactly why we were the laughing stock of the NFL this season. Players (and I use that term advisedly)doing whatever the h... they wanted. Guys like Sanders were known as the Haynesworths of the 90s. You would never know it listening to him run his mouth on NFLnetwork now.

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