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February 26, 2011

Jerry Jones excited about staff he says "Jason Garrett picked"

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones followed through on his promise that first-year coach Jason Garrett would have the authority to pick his own staff.

And now that the staff is complete, Jones said pleased with additions and ultimately had no problem with the subtractions.

Only receivers coach Ray Sherman was not offered a contract for next season. Linebackers coach Reggie Herring left for a similar job with the Texans. Defensive line coach Paul Pasqualoni became the head coach at Connecticut .

"I’m really pleased," Jones said. "'I think he’s assembled in our combination of our new coaches and the ones he’s retained. As I said earlier, he didn’t have to retain a coach. He was in a position to add to the extent that we could have them – coaches. It was a process . . . one of the things I was pleased about was how enthusiastic the coaches were about joining Jason and about joining the makeup of this team."

 Clarence E. Hill Jr.



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Hello!This was a really excellent blog! GOOD WORK!!!

To put it another way, put yourself in say the shoes of Danger Ehren and pretend you're about to lay your ass (or tooth) on the line for something that may or may not make the movie—believe me, you're going to want Pontius in your peanut gallery corner because his verbal presence may just be the deciding factor in the fate of your segment.

Whos going to kick field goals? This has cost us games which ultimately cost us a playoff seed because of not having a kicker ostread oh going for it on 4th down

I believe Garrett did do a good job in selecting his coaches. Now we'll have to sit back and watch and see if he's as smart as some of us think he is lol.

I've Been a Cowboy fan sence I was 10 years old. The Vision is clear and very promissimg. I take great pleasure in seeing and hearing a powerful move thats being uncovered wright in front of the NFL league. It is placing pressure, dip thoughts on to owners, managers and coachs. Nut in the mean time, we are happier then Heck, couse we are finally going to step on some Heads...

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