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February 11, 2011

More Super Bowl seat developments

With all the free tickets being promised for next year's Super Bowl, Indianapolis needs to start on a temporary seating plan now.

Super Bowl XLV, the first Super Bowl hosted by the Dallas Cowboys, now rivals Super Bowl V, the notorious Blooper Bowl when the Cowboys lost to the Colts to end the 1970 season, as the biggest Super Screw-up of all time.

The Star-Telegram on Friday put together a timeline from city of Arlington memos and documents on how SeatGate went down.

Longtime Cowboys fans will remember the pain of watching the pratfall of the 1970 Cowboys, dressed unfortunately in blue jerseys, against a Colts team that was equally bumbling. This year's Super Bowl has left a feeling of embarrassment in Dallas-Fort Worth. The Cowboys of 1971 were able to erase the bad memory and win the next Super Bowl; Jerry Jones might not get another Super Bowl chance.

On Friday, the granddaughter of the first president of the Green Bay Packers franchise was supposed to be meeting in New York with NFL officials. According to an Associated Press report, Peggy Beisel-McIlwaine, 55, is one of the 400 Spartans, who found out their ticket went with a seat in a section deemed unsafe because guardrails hadn't been installed.

These 400 were put in holding pens, then herded and paraded around the stadium in search of seating, finally landing in a field suite behind the Steelers bench where they couldn't see the game.

In a letter sent to the NFL, which she provided to The Associated Press, Peggy Beisel-McIlwaine said Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones should never be allowed to host another Super Bowl. She called her experience at Cowboys Stadium a “total disaster.”

Beisel-McIlwaine’s grandfather was Andrew Blair Turnbull, the Packers’ first president and a member of the team’s Hall of Fame. Her father was Daniel C. Beisel, a Packers’ board member from 1968 until his death in 2009, according to The Associated Press.

On Thursday, the NFL said an additional 2,000 fans forced to sit in temporary seats will receive either a face-value ticket refund or a free ticket to a future Super Bowl.


— Vince Langford



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What's there to complain about? Jerry says these seats are going to be approved by the Fire Marshal "any day now... Miss Peggy Beisel-McIlwaine can come sit in her seat anytime up until there is any type of paying event, and of course she'll need to move along then, unless she has a ticket for the event..."

I am so done with these whiners. Stuff happens and it just allows the haters, including the Star Telegram, to pile on the Cowboys.

You guys never seem to mention that this and every SB are run by the NFL, not Jerry Jones.

It about what I have come to expect from a bunch led by the number one Cowboy hater, Randy Galloway.

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