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February 17, 2011

Romo is looking good

Tony Romo's golf swing looks as good as old. His broken left collarbone is healed, and Romo has been throwing the football as well as hitting the driver.

"We’ve actually thrown a few times," Cowboys quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson said. "He’s come by here [Valley Ranch]. I know he threw with the caddies at Pebble Beach, and he’s thrown with his dad a little bit. But he’s come by here and we’ve thrown a few days when the weather was good. He’s throwing the ball with a lot of velocity, and I think he’s right where he wants to be at this juncture."

Romo was injured on a hit by Giants linebacker Michael Boley, after a missed block by Chris Gronkowski, in an Oct. 25 game. He did not play again, finishing with 1,605 passing yards, 11 touchdowns and seven interceptions. The Cowboys placed him on injured reserve before their game against Arizona on Christmas Day.

Wilson, a former NFL quarterback, said the time on the sideline might benefit Romo in the long run.

"When you take a step back, and it’s kind of taken away from you, some of that hunger and desire comes back," Wilson said. "There are things you can learn from watching, just from a different perspective."

-- Charean Williams


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Jerry, in yet anther money saving move, cut Cricket Anderson to keep this sorry excuse for a FB. He can't run, catch or block. Great move, but hey at least you saved a few bucks Mr Hicks..oops..Jones.

Yeah, and Gronkowski is still on this roster. How do you explain that. I mean the guy has like 2 jobs. Run the ball every 500 snaps and pick up the blitzing LB and he couldn't or wouldn't even do that. And folks wonder why we were 6-10.

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